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Getting started

  • Do I need to register to send money overseas online?

    To start enjoying the convenience of International Transfers online you just need to:

    • Be registered for SMS code – our strongest level of security
    • Set up your daily International Transfer limit – the default limit is $0 but you can increase your limit up to $20,000
  • What account information will I need to send money overseas online?

    Have the following details handy when creating your International Transfers in online banking :

    • the Bank Code and/or BIC/SWIFT code, name and address of the overseas bank you are transferring to
    • the recipient's name, address and account number (the person receiving the funds)
    • the amount and currency you wish to send, including reason for transfer

    Some countries may also require you to provide an International Bank Account Number (IBAN). Your recipient will need to provide you with this number (if applicable).

  • What is a Bank Identification Code (BIC) or SWIFT code?

    A Bank Identification Code (BIC) or SWIFT code is the code used to identify individual banks. It’s essentially the global equivalent of Australia’s BSB number.

    SWIFT is the process that we use to send money overseas (similar to BPAY) and a BIC is the code that the SWIFT system uses to identify banks worldwide.

    The BIC will either have 8 or 11 digits, depending on the bank you are sending the International Transfer to. For example:

    Example of a Swift Code

    Visit the SWIFT website to find out your recipient's SWIFT code. Alternatively you can ask your recipient what code should be used.

  • What is the difference between the Bank Code and the SWIFT/BIC Code?

    Banks in certain countries may only accept a Bank Code instead of the SWIFT/BIC code. It may also be called a BSB, Fedwire, ABA, National Clearing Code (NCC) or Bank Sort Code (BSC).

    A bank code can be a series of up to 23 digits depending on the country of the bank and type of account.

    If you are unsure which code should be used, start the process of making an international transfer in online banking. After selecting the destination country, our online banking system will show you which code/s are needed. Alternatively, you should ask your recipient or you can refer to the website of the international bank you are sending money to.

  • What is an IBAN number and where can I find it?

    An IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is used in some countries to uniquely identify a customer's bank account.

    The IBAN consists of an alphabetical country code, followed by 2 digits, and then up to 35 characters for the bank account number.

    Your recipient will need to provide you with this number (if applicable).

  • Which countries require an IBAN number?

    An IBAN is required for the following countries:

    Country Number of characters Examples of an IBAN
    Austria   20 AT611904300234573201
    Belgium 16 BE68539007547034
    Bosnia and Herzegovina 20 BA391290079401028494
    Bulgaria 22 BG80BNBG96611020345678
    Croatia 21 HR12100100518630000160
    Cyprus 28 CY17002001280000001200527600
    Czech Republic 24 CZ6508000000192000145399
    Denmark 18 DK5000400440116243
    Estonia   20 EE382200221020145685
    Finland 18 FI2112345600000785
    France 27 FR1420041010050500013M02606
    Germany 22 DE89370400440532013000
    Greece 27 GR1601101250000000012300695
    Hungary 28 HU42117730161111101800000000
    Ireland  22 IE9AIBK93115212345678
    Italy 27 IT60X054281110100000123456
    Luxembourg 20 LU280019400644750000
    Macedonia 19 MK07300000000042425
    Malta 31 MT84MALT011000012345MTLCAST001S
    Mauritius 30 MU56BOMM010112345678910100000
    Netherlands 18 NL91ABNA0417164300
    Norway 15 NO9386011117947
    Poland 28 PL27114020040000300201355387
    Portugal 25 PT50000201231234567890154
    Saudi Arabia 24 SA0380000000608010167519
    Serbia and Montenegro 22 CS732600005601001611379
    Slovak Republic 24 SK311200000198742637541
    Slovenia 19 SI56191000000123438
    Spain 24 ES8023100001180000012345
    Sweden 24 SE3550000000054910000003
    Switzerland 21 CH3900700115201849173
    United Arab Emirates 22 AE07033123456789012345

    If you send money overseas and the IBAN is missing or incorrect, you may incur a charge from the receiving bank and your International Transfer may be rejected. These charges may be deducted from your payment or charged back to you.

  • Which countries can I send money to?

    You can send money securely overseas to over 200 countries.

Making the transfer

  • Which account can I send money overseas from?

    International Transfers can be sent from most of our transaction and savings accounts. The International Transfer option will display on the payments & transfers screen if you have an eligible account.

    Unfortunately you are unable to send money overseas from a home loan, credit card, term deposit or other loan accounts. If you don't have an existing, eligible account - visit the everyday accounts section to select from our (great) range of accounts.

  • Can I set up recurring International Transfers?

    Not yet… but it’s not too far away! This extra feature should be enabled before the end of the year - we'll let you know a date as soon as we can.

    In the meantime… keep a copy of your recipient's details close by so you can easily access them whenever you need to send money overseas.

  • What can I do if I've sent the funds to the wrong person or account number?

    Please call us as soon as possible on 1300 440 749 - there are a couple of different ways we can help:

    • an amendment can be applied if you advise us that some of your recipient's details were incorrect. An amendment may attract additional handling fees from the other banks that help process this payment
    • you can choose to cancel the transfer, but there is no guarantee the funds can be recovered. The transfer can only be recalled if the recipient gives permission for their account to be debited. It may attract additional fees from some other banks even though the payment is not successfully made

    If funds are successfully recovered for a foreign currency payment, the returned amount will be converted to Australian Dollars – which may result in less money being returned.

    Please double check your recipient details are correct before sending money overseas to prevent your money be deposited into the wrong account.

    • if this happens, Bankwest will make every effort to have your funds returned but the recipient needs to agree

    If you accidentally overpaid someone, we suggest you contact them directly and ask sweetly for the difference to be returned.

  • How long will it take for my money to arrive?

    Your recipient will generally receive their funds within 3 to 5 business days. This can sometimes take longer depending on the destination and bank you are sending it to.

    Please allow a few extra days if you’re sending money in a different currency to the destination country.

    If your recipient has not received their funds within 7 business days, you can request a trace to find out the status of your transfer. Please call us on 1300 440 749.

    • Bankwest will charge AUD $25 fee to setup a trace. Other financial institutions involved in tracing your International Transfer may also charge a service fee which will be passed back to you
    • at times, the receiving financial institution might not respond to a trace right away so a follow-up may also be needed. Each follow-up will incur a AUD $15 service fee
  • When will my International Transfer leave my account?

    • if you submit your payment before 5pm (AWST), weekdays…then the funds and $20 service fee will be debited from your account immediately
    • if you submit your payment after 5pm (AWST), over the weekend or on a public holiday…then the funds and $20 service fee will be debited from your account immediately but will be dated the next working day in your transaction list.
  • Why did my recipient received less than the amount I sent them?

    When you send an International Transfer, the money passes through one or more banks on the way to the recipient’s bank. Each bank your money passes through may deduct a certain amount from the money sent as a processing fee.

    Unfortunately the amounts deducted are out of our control and not able to be determined prior to sending the money. If a specific amount is required to be received, you may wish to send a little bit extra to cover these potential costs.

Managing your payment limits

  • Will I need to set up my International Transfer limit for every transaction?

    No… once you've increased your daily International Transfer limit from the default value of $0, any future transactions will use the new limit you set.

    Don't forget, you can increase or decrease your daily payment limit at any time.

  • Why is there a $20 fee to send money overseas online?

    The $20 fee to send money overseas is due to the services and other banks involved in processing the transfer to your recipient’s account as quickly as possible.

    The good news is that you’ll save $15 every transaction and a trip to the store if you send your money overseas through online banking.

  • Is the $20 service fee included in my daily International Transfer limit?

    No. This fee will not be included in your daily International Transfer limit so you can transfer up to the same amount your limit is set to.


  • Why can't I use secret questions to send money overseas?

    SMS code is our strongest level of security. To complete an International Transfer online, you need 2 layers of security - "something you know" (your SMS code) plus "something you have" (your mobile phone).

    This makes it harder for somebody else to try and send money overseas using your account details.


  • Will I be charged for every transaction if I make more than one International Transfers on the same day?

    Yes. A $20 service fee will be charged for every International Transfer.

    The good news is that you’ll save $15 per transfer if you send money overseas via online banking instead of in-store.

  • How much does it cost to send money overseas online?

    Sending money overseas via online banking will save you time and save you some cash! You’ll only be charged a $20 service fee compared to the $35 in-store fee.

    When you send an International Transfer, the money passes through one or more financial institutions along the way. These banks may deduct a processing fee and the recipient’s bank may charge a receiving fee. Unfortunately these additional fees are out of our control.

    You may want to send a little bit extra to cover these potential costs.

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^ Calls made overseas from land lines or mobile phones will be subject to standard international call rates applicable to the country from which the call originated.

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