Stay in the loop with Bankwest Easy Alerts

Keep track of your banking by setting up customisable notifications that let you know about important activities on your eligible accounts.

Be the first to know what’s going on

There’s a range of Easy Alerts to suit your mobile banking needs.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

To get the full benefits, you can set up alerts at any time in a few quick steps:


The Bankwest App from the Apple App store or the Google Play™ Store.


Easy Alerts on under the ‘Easy Alerts’ main menu.


On the notifications you want to receive.

How can Easy Alerts work for me?

See which alerts are available for your accounts.

Show me alerts for

Alert type Availability
Avoid monthly fees
Get a reminder to deposit money to avoid a monthly maintenance fee.
Hero Transaction, Bankwest Qantas Transaction and Reward Transaction accounts only.
Be aware of international activity
Know about any overseas transactions on your account straight away.

Remember scheduled payments
Remind yourself about upcoming scheduled payments and your available balance.

See upcoming payments
Be reminded about scheduled payments before they’re due.

Get a heads up on PayPass activity
Be alerted when a PayPass transaction has been made.

Know when your balance falls
Be told if your account balance falls below a nominated amount.

Keep track of high balances
Be alerted as soon as your account balance reaches a nominated amount.

Know when you get paid
Find out as soon as a payment (like your salary) has been made to your account.

Remember when a payment’s due
Get an alert before your minimum repayment’s due.


Frequently asked questions​

Managing your devices


Can I get alerts on multiple devices?​

You can receive Bankwest Easy Alerts on up to five devices. All you need to do is install the app on each device and accept the permissions when you first log in. The device will then be registered to your PAN, so we can ensure that only your devices receive your alerts.


Can I turn alerts off for specific devices?​

You’ll need to log in to online banking via your desktop or tablet and select ‘manage devices’ from the ‘self service’ menu. Then simply click ‘deregister’ next to the device you’d like to stop receiving alerts on.​

You can turn alerts on again at any time by switching them on in the app.​

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