About us

We’re a bank that does things differently. We believe it's our responsibility to do more for our customers so that you can spend more time doing the things that matter to you.

Who we are

We believe everyone deserves a simple, friendly, and safe and secure banking experience and that people want, well, less bank in their life. So, we're dedicated to being just the right amount of bank, without the gimmicks.

More than 3000 colleagues dedicated to making banking easier.

Customers across Australia supported from saving to sold.

More than 125 years of supporting customers.

About 7000 hours spent volunteering each year.

In 2021, we helped customers avoid about $90m in scams and fraud.

Multiple in-app payment options to give customers choice.

Empowering brokers through tools, services, and support to deliver brilliant experiences to customers.

A 24/7 Australia-based contact centre, available by phone or online.

Caring for locals through thick and thin

Supporting our community

We’re dedicated to supporting the communities across Australia in which we live and work, helping to create a brighter future for all.

Less BS (bank stuff)

We're humans first and bankers second

That's because we know you expect more from banks, but less of the hassles that come with banking. We go the extra mile to make things simple and seamless, so you don't have to deal with the bank stuff.

Bankwest is made by us

Bankwest careers

It's your career, and we're here to help you achieve your ambitions. Tackle your job in a way that allows you to work at your best, discover more about yourself, and form bonds with like-minded people who make coming into work worthwhile.

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