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(upbeat, whimsical music)

Jovy: Hello!

Sajin: Hmm...can you hear me?

[Rebbeca – Customer consultant and people person]

Rebbeca: Oh, I love Bankwest (chuckles). That sounded fake, but that’s real. Like, that is actually how I feel (laughs).

[Jovy – Business banker and mum of three]

Jovy: It’s been a really good career choice, to be honest, especially the culture in Bankwest. I would say that’s the best I’ve ever had.

[Vladimir – Tech leader and diversity champ]

Vladimir: All the people who helped me during the first days, they made me feel that I’m valued as the person and everyone is excited to have me on board. I felt really welcomed.

Rebbeca: people and culture is so important to me, and I feel like it’s really important to Bankwest as well. It’s not like you get treated like you’re a number. All Bankwest leaders that I’ve met have always supported development. It feels like wherever I wanna go with Bankwest, I know that they will help me get there.

[Brid – Full-time Bankwester and part-time celebrant]

Brid: I’m Brid Hutchinson. I’m duly authorised by law to solemnise marriages according to the laws in Australia. So I work nine days a fortnight for Bankwest, and I’m a celebrant at the weekend. I think we’re really lucky when it’s coming from the top down and you feel you can
actually tell somebody you’re a celebrant. You know, you can be proud that you’ve got a side hustle, that you’ve got another job, but you also do your own job 100%.

Sajin: (father and children laughing) Being a parent in Bankwest is fun and stress-free.

Jovy: I am able to drop off my kids in the morning because I can work at home twice a week.

[Sajin – Small business analyst and super dad]

Sajin: Having this flexibility to actually look after things at work and things at home, yeah, it’s great. Am I the favourite?

Sajin’s daughter: Um, I don’t know.

Sajin: (gasps) You’re supposed to say yes!

Vladimir: To deliver a new feature to the customers, it feels really satisfying and rewarding.

Rebbeca: It’s helping not only the first need but also reviewing their whole banking. It’s about wanting to help them.

Jovy: Every morning when I wake up, I’m happy to come to work.

Brid: I enjoy what I do, and I enjoy the people. They’re your family.

Sajin: That culture of being there for everyone, each other, you know, that’s what I love.

Rebbeca: I have so much more confidence since I’ve worked in Bankwest, because I’ve always found it's okay to be yourself.

(upbeat, whimsical music continues)


We’re committed to building an inclusive and equal workplace for all our people. We think it shows.

Winner for Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence 2016

Winner for Workplace Diversity Excellence 2017

Recognised as a Silver Tier Employer for LGBTI inclusion

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