Where can I find my Personal Access Number?

In the Bankwest App

You can find your Personal Access Number (PAN) in the latest version of the Bankwest App (versions 2.9 and higher). All you need to do is:​

  1. Log in​
  2. Go to 'More' from the bottom menu​
  3. Find your PAN at the bottom of the screen.

Download the latest version of the Bankwest App for iPhone or Android at the Apple App Store or the Google Play™ Store.

In your statements or welcome letter

You can also find your PAN on your paper or electronic statements or in the first letter or email we sent you after you opened your account.

If all else fails, call us on 1300 440 749 and we’ll help you find it.

Here’s a tip for next time

Although you can’t see your PAN in online banking, you can set your phone or computer to remember your PAN for next time. Just to be safe, we don’t recommend doing this from a shared computer.​

Simply select the ‘Remember my PAN’ checkbox when you log in and it will pre-fill next time. You can stop your PAN being pre-filled anytime by deselecting the ‘Remember my PAN’ checkbox.

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Need more help?

You can message us in the Bankwest App or online banking, or call us - we're here 24/7.