Your guide to eStatements

eStatements are secure, electronic versions of your account statements. Learn more about how they could benefit you.

Why make the switch?

Avoid a paper statement fee

You won’t have to worry about the $1.25 fee that applies to each paper statement for personal credit cards and accounts. Some exclusions apply.

Safe and secure

eStatements are stored safely in online banking, for your eyes only.

Available long term

eStatements are available for five years – we recommend that you download them to save them permanently.

We'll keep you in the loop

You'll get an email notification when your eStatement is ready to view.

Switch over today

In the app:

  1. Tap on the menu > 'eStatements'​
  2. Tap 'Options'​
  3. Choose the 'Online' option​
  4. Tap 'Next' and confirm.

In online banking:

  1. Click 'Accounts' > 'Statements'​
  2. Click 'Statement settings'
  3. Choose the online option for the accounts you want to switch​
  4. Click 'Next' and confirm.

Easily generate your statements and account info

Want to get a list of transactions for your eligible transaction or savings account, but don’t want to wait for your next eStatement to be issued? You can instantly generate a list of transactions made on your account in the period you’ve selected (up to 90 days) from anywhere up to a year in the past in the Bankwest App – it’s called a transaction summary. See how it works.

Frequently asked questions

Info at your fingertips


Are all accounts eligible?

Not all accounts – the account has to be one that you can access through online banking, and you must be the owner or joint owner of the account. If your account isn't eligible, don't worry – we'll waive the paper statement fee. The following accounts aren't eligible for eStatements:​

  • Bankwest business accounts, including corporate and commercial credit cards​
  • Term deposit accounts​
  • Passbook accounts​
  • BWA Cash Management Trust accounts​
  • Accounts held in trust.​

​eStatements are also not accessible by:​

  • Additional cardholders of credit card accounts
  • Account signatories (except signatories on children’s accounts)
  • Third party signatories​
  • Beneficiaries.

Will I automatically be switched to eStatements?

Some accounts will be automatically switched over – if that happens, we'll let you know on your next paper statement.​

You can check if any of your accounts are already registered for eStatements by logging in to the app or online banking.​


When will my eStatement be available?

Your eStatement will be available at the same time your normal statements are usually issued. You'll also get an email to let you know when your latest eStatement is available.​

It's important to make sure your email address is up to date – you can update it in the app or online banking.​


Can I get a credit card eStatement payment reminder?

We'll email you your new eStatement, but to avoid missing your minimum payment due date, it might be a good idea to set up a regular payment to your credit card each month. Find out how. ​

You can also set up a Bankwest Easy Alert by enabling push notifications on your phone. This will remind you when your minimum repayment's due and help avoid a late payment fee. 

Remember, it's your responsibility to make at least your minimum payment by the due date on your statement each month, otherwise a late payment fee may apply.


Can I switch back to paper statements?

You can switch back to paper statements at any time by managing your options in the app or online banking. Don't forget, a $1.25 paper statement fee may apply per statement.

Need more help?

You can message us in the Bankwest App or online banking, or call us – we're here 24/7.

eStatements in the Bankwest App is currently supported on iOS 11 and Android 5.0 devices and above. eStatements is not available on Windows devices.

Bankwest Easy Alerts are available for your mobile personal transaction and savings accounts. Limited alerts only are available for credit card transactions. Bankwest Easy Alerts will be sent to any compatible iOS and Android device on which you have the Bankwest App and enabled notifications. Whilst some alerts may be sent to your device once you have enabled notifications, in order to receive the full range of Easy Alerts available you will also need to activate the Bankwest Easy Alerts service within the Bankwest App. Terms of Use apply. Bankwest Easy Alerts is currently supported on iOS 11 and Android 5.0 devices and above. Bankwest Easy Alerts is not available on tablets and Windows devices.

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