Message us online 24/7

Send us a message in the Bankwest App or online banking – it's secure, and we're here to help.

Messaging us comes with some benefits

If you prefer not to call us, you can send us a message online. Our team are dedicated to finding you a solution the first time you contact us.

Keep going about your day

Responses aren’t instant, but there’s no need to wait – receive a notification or find our response waiting for you later.

At your fingertips

Why wait on hold when you can ask us your question in the Bankwest App now?

View chat history

Your recent messaging history is visible, so you can refer to your previous conversations anytime.

Secure and private

When you’re logged in to the app or online banking, your messages are always safe, secure and just between us.

Get notified when we reply

Our responses aren’t instant, but you can enable notifications in the app so you know when we reply – leaving you to go about your day.

To receive notifications:

  • Turn on push notifications in the top right corner of your screen when you message us
  • Head to your phone settings and allow notifications from the Bankwest App.

How does it work?

In the Bankwest App

  1. Go to your 'Home' or 'More' screens
  2. Select 'Contact us'
  3. Select 'Message us' to start the conversation.

​Enable notifications in the top right-hand corner of the message screen, so you can keep going about your day while we get back to you​.

Using your desktop

  1. Log in to Bankwest Online Banking
  2. Select 'Message us now' in the top right corner
  3. Send us a message – if you don't get an immediate reply, it'll be waiting for you when you log in next.

Frequently asked questions

Making it work for you

We'll be able to help you with most of your personal banking enquiries, but there are a couple of things we'll only be able to help you out with over the phone. These include:

  • Refinancing your home loan
  • Updating your mobile number
  • Increasing your credit card limit.

For security reasons, we won't be able to tell you your PAN, but we can tell you where to find it.

Messaging us is more convenient – you won't have to worry about phone queues, so you can still get on with your day if we don't respond instantly. Plus, you can skip the security questions because you've already logged in securely.

When you've got the chat open, just go to the menu on the top right-hand side and tap 'Turn on push notifications'. We'll also remind you during the conversation.

Yes. We're here 24/7, whenever you need us.

If you're using the app, it might be because you're using an old app version. Make sure you update to the latest version.

If you've sent a message and can't see any response, it could be because you're using an old version of the app. Try updating to the latest version and checking again.

All your banking, in your back pocket

Messaging us isn’t the only handy feature in our app. From setting up cardless payments and locking your card to opening new accounts, it makes banking secure and convenient.

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