My card is lost, stolen or damaged. What do I do?

Report it to us

If your card is damaged, or if you’re certain it’s been lost or stolen, you can report it to us in the Bankwest App.


Reporting your card lost, stolen or damaged in the Bankwest App

  1. Tap on ‘Cards’ from the bottom menu
  2. Choose the card you want to report
  3. Tap ‘Lost, stolen or damaged card’ and choose the option that relates to you
  4. Follow the prompts – we’ll cancel your card and arrange a replacement.

If you’re overseas and you need a new card urgently, don’t worry. You can still message us in the Bankwest App, otherwise we have a handy table of international numbers below.

Keep in mind, if you have a standard EFTPOS card (the standard card without the chip), you won’t be able to receive a new card if you’re overseas. Replacements for these cards can only be issued in Australia.

Where to report lost, stolen or damaged bank card in the Bankwest App

Want to lock your card without reporting it?

If you've lost your card but don't want to cancel it permanently (in case you find it again), you can lock it temporarily through the app or online banking. Here's how.

Locking your card in the Bankwest App

  1. Tap on ‘Cards’ from the bottom menu
  2. Choose the card you want to lock​
  3. Turn on 'Temporary lock'.

Locking your card in Bankwest Online Banking

  1. Click 'Self service' > 'Manage my cards'​
  2. Choose the card you want to lock​
  3. Turn on the ‘Temporary lock’ toggle and follow the prompts. To unlock your card, just turn the toggle off – you’ll then need to enter your SMS code to finish.

Keep in mind

  • You should allow 5-10 working days for your new card to arrive​
  • If you find your old card after you've had it cancelled, you won't be able to reactivate it – please destroy it (it's a good idea to destroy damaged cards, too)
  • Once your new card has been issued and you're waiting for it to arrive in the mail, you can log in to the app to access your digital card​
  • If your card was added to Apple Pay or Google Pay™, we'll update them with your new card details as soon as it's issued – this means you can start using your card straight away in cases where a physical card isn't needed (like online shopping or where Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted).​

Not what you were looking for? See all cards questions.

Emergency assistance numbers 

Country  To call Mastercard®  To call Visa 
USA  1 800 627 8372 1 866 765 9644
Canada 1 800 307 7309 1 866 639 1911
France 0 800 90 1387 0 800 639 1911
Germany 0800 819 1040 0800 182 2891
Hong Kong 800 966 677 800 900 782
Indonesia 001 803 1 887 0623 001 803 44 1600
Japan 00531 11 3886 00531 44 0022
Malaysia 1 800 804594 1 800 802997
New Zealand 0800 44 9140 0508 600300
Singapore 800 1100 113 800 4481 250
Taiwan 00801 10 3400 00801 444 123
Thailand 001 800 11 887 0663 001 800 441 3485
United Kingdom 0800 96 4767 0800 16 95189

Need more help?

You can message us in the Bankwest App or online banking, or call us - we're here 24/7.

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