Ways to bank with us

Whether it's online, through our app or in a branch, we're here to make your banking easier.

Manage your banking online

Bankwest App

View your account balances and transaction history, make a BPAY® payment, or transfer funds on the go.

Protect your money with one click

Online banking

Complete all your usual banking tasks, plus access more self service features when you use your desktop computer.

  • View your account balances and transaction history, make a BPAY® or Pay AnyBody payment, or transfer funds
  • Register and view bills with BPAY® View
  • Activate new credit or debit cards, and change the PIN on your existing cards
  • Temporarily lock your account or card
  • Update your personal details, set your payment limits, and reset your secure code and secret questions
  • Message one of our specialists 24/7
  • Export tax information by financial year.

Bankwest Easy Alerts

Get started

You can set up customisable alerts in the Bankwest App for your eligible transaction, savings and credit card accounts, so you can keep track of your account activity.

Find out how to set them up.

Types of alerts

Get notifications for things like scheduled payments, credit card payment reminders, Paypass transactions and more, on up to five mobile devices.

Find out which alerts you're eligible for and how to receive them on multiple devices.

Looking for more?

We've got other ways to streamline your banking.

Payment ring

Our Bankwest Halo payment ring keeps your money on hand.

Lock your card

Place a temporary lock on your card if it's lost or stolen.

Easy Instalments

Pay off a big ticket credit card purchase in smaller, monthly repayments (and at a lower rate, too) with Easy Instalments Transaction Plans.

ATMs and Smart ATMs

Bankwest customers with eligible transaction accounts have free access to over 3,500 Bankwest and Commonwealth Bank branded ATMs.

Non-Bankwest customers will not be charged ATM withdrawals fees when using Bankwest branded ATMs. Please note your card issuer may still charge you a fee.

  • Withdraw and check balances linked to your card
  • Transfer funds between accounts linked to your card
  • Change your PIN
  • Set your favourite withdrawal amount
  • Enable audio via earphones
  • Set your preferred language other than English
  • Deposit cash and cheques to a Bankwest account instantly (Smart ATM only)
  • We’re making some changes and improvements to our ATMs over the coming months. Learn more about our ATM changes.

Withdrawal limits

From 30 November 2017, the daily ATM withdrawal limit for Bankwest cards increased to $2,000 at Bankwest branded ATMs. Check back as further ATM's are added.

The daily withdrawal limit:

  • will apply to each card on an account. For example, if you hold a joint account, each card holder could withdraw the daily limit
  • will be standard across all Bankwest cards and cannot be changed
  • may also increase your liability in the event of an unauthorised transactions on your account. So remember to report any suspicious transactions on your account as soon as you notice them and let us know if your card is lost or stolen.

How can we help?

Speak with someone from the team today.

Things you should know

BPAY is the registered trademark of BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.

Bankwest Easy Alerts are available for your mobile personal transaction and savings accounts. Limited alerts only are available for credit card transactions. You must have access to Bankwest mobile online banking and enable Bankwest Easy Alerts via the Bankwest App to receive the alerts. Terms of Use apply for Bankwest Easy Alerts. Bankwest Easy Alerts is currently supported on iOS 9 and Android 5.0 devices and above. Bankwest Easy Alerts is not available on tablets and Windows devices.

The Bankwest Halo payment ring is only available to Australian citizens and Permanent or Temporary Residents over 16 years of age with an Australian residential address. Fees and charges apply.