Security hub

Our priority is to protect you – by monitoring any unusual activity, alerting you to the latest scams and keeping
your data private and secure.

What to look out for

Direct links to online banking
We will never send you one.

Unfamiliar screens
Especially if they request bank details and personal information.

Generic greetings
We’ll always address you by name.

Suspicious email addresses and file attachments
We’ll email you using an official email address ending in

Email requests for more information
Like your name, date of birth or phone number.


Helping reduce false billing scams and mistaken payments, NameCheck will prompt you if the account details on a first-time payment don’t look right. This can help protect you from business email compromise scams and mistaken payments.

We're here to help, 24/7

Spotted something suspicious?

Call us if you’re concerned about possible fraud.

Lost or stolen card?

If your card is damaged, lost or stolen, you can report it to us easily in the app or call us.

Feeling unsure?

If you’re not sure about an email or SMS, don’t click any links or attachments.