Security centre

We monitor your account for unusual activity, protect your privacy and are constantly innovating features to secure your banking — it’s our priority.

Stay safe and secure

Learn how you can safeguard your banking – on and offline.

Account and card security

Our banking services and features are designed to help protect you. See how you can keep your banking secure.

Online safety

Tips on password setting, social media safety, device security and more.

Protect yourself from scams

Here’s how you can protect your banking and identity.

Protect your credit score

SavvyShield, from Credit Savvy, protects your credit score from anyone trying to impersonate you for their own financial gain.

Protecting customers from crypto scams

We’re committed to helping keep your accounts safe from scams and fraud, so we’ve made some changes on payments to cryptocurrency exchanges.

Vulnerability Disclosure program

Report suspected cyber threats or security issues that affect the confidentiality, integrity or availability of Bankwest's information, systems or services to our security team.

Protect yourself from investment scams

Learn more about:

Investment scams involve out-of-the-blue offers by phone or email to invest in once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Scammers will use facts, figures, celebrity endorsed investment advertisements and projections to make the offer seem real.

To protect yourself, never give your details to an unsolicited caller or reply to suspicious emails you weren’t expecting.

Don't allow yourself to be pressured into making decisions about your money or investments.

Speak to your friends and family to get their opinion before committing to any investment opportunities.

To find out more search Bankwest security centre.

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See something suspicious?

Call us immediately if you’re worried about possible fraud.

Is someone pretending to be us?

If you’re not sure about an email or SMS, don’t click any links or attachments.

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Find out what to do if you see any suspicious account activity.

There are things you should do before you leave and while you're away.

Use limits to cap the amount a fraudster could access from your account.

Keep an eye on your accounts with customised notifications.

If you've forgotten it or want to change it for added security.