How can I pay my bills using BPAY®?

BPAY is a quick and easy way to pay your bills online. In online banking, choose ‘Make a payment’ from the ‘Payments and transfers’ menu. Select the BPAY payment option and go from there.

Things to keep in mind when using BPAY in Bankwest Online Banking: 

  • Make sure you know the payment processing and cut-off times
  • When you’re making payments to a new recipient or above a certain dollar amount you’ll be asked to enter an SMS code. If you’re not registered for SMS code you’ll be asked to answer two of your secret questions instead.
  • You can pay up to 10 billers at a time and each BPAY payment will show as a single debit on your statement
  • If you’re creating future-dated or recurring BPAY payments, make sure there are sufficient funds in your account on the day that the transfers are due to be processed
  • Some BPAY billers don’t allow payments from credit card accounts.

By default, all customers have a daily BPAY limit of $5,000. If you’re registered for SMS code then you can increase your limit up to $20,000.

Can I make BPAY payments on my mobile?

If you are registered for SMS code, and have installed the latest version of the Bankwest app, you’ll be able to make payments to new billers via BPAY. This can be done by tapping ‘Make a Payment’ and selecting ‘BPAY Biller’.


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