A new way to pay with PayTo®

Think of it like direct debits, but you have more control – learn how we’re leading the way as one of the first banks in Australia to offer the service, and find out how PayTo could work for you.

What’s PayTo?

PayTo is a service that’s been developed by the NPPA (New Payments Platform Australia) that businesses, service providers and merchants can opt in to. Essentially, it’s a digital way for customers to pre-authorise payments from their bank accounts in real time, for things like utilities, subscriptions and memberships.

What’s a PayTo payment agreement?

Also called a payment agreement, it’s an agreement you have with a merchant or service provider to debit your bank account according to the terms you’ve authorised (like a direct debit). It’s a contract that you can manage online in real time – so you can leave that paperwork behind.


Here are some things that make payment agreements an easy way to pay.

You have more control

From pausing and cancelling agreements, to moving them between accounts, you can make them work for you without the hassle of phone calls, forms and wait times.

Secure and convenient

From the moment you decide to set up a payment agreement, you can take all the steps securely in the app from wherever you are.

Track them in one spot

​​Keep track of all your payment agreements in the app or online banking and check the details anytime.

Setting up a new PayTo agreement

Have a chat with the merchant

If the merchant has opted in to PayTo and you’ve decided you’d like to use their product or service, they’ll be able to set up a payment agreement. You can flesh out things like the payment amount, frequency, description and more. You’ll also need to give them your BSB and account number or PayID. They will then submit a PayTo request.

Review the details

We'll send you an email or letter with next steps to follow. You can then jump in and activate your agreement.

In the Bankwest App:
Head to ‘Payments’ > ‘Manage’ > ‘PayTo Agreements’ > ‘Action required’.

In online banking:
Head to 'Payments' > 'PayTo Agreements' > and check under 'Action required'.

You can then review the details of the payment agreement, and double check that you’re happy with the terms.

Authorise or decline

If the terms of the payment agreement are correct, just choose to ‘Authorise’ and follow the prompts – you might need to enter an SMS code that we send you or your PIN. Keep in mind that you’ll need to authorise it within a specific timeframe (we’ll let you know), and if you don’t the request will expire. If something’s not right, hit ‘Decline’ – the request will be cancelled and the merchant will have to send a new one.

We’ll make sure it’s all good

Once you’ve done your bit, we’ll review the payment agreement to make sure you’re good to go. In most cases it won’t take long, and if we've got your email address we’ll send you an email when your agreement is up and running.

Updating the terms of your PayTo agreement

Already got a payment agreement set up and need to change the details? Too easy.

  1. Contact the merchant and let them know what you’d like to change. They’ll then be able to submit a request to change the terms of your existing payment agreement. Keep in mind that a merchant can also request changes to your payment agreement – we’ll let you know if they do
  2. Review the updated terms in the Bankwest App or online banking – we’ll send you an email or letter to let you know
  3. Authorise or decline the change/s. If you authorise, we’ll confirm the details, and your payment agreement will continue according to the new terms​
  4. If you decline or don’t take any action, your payment agreement will continue according to its current terms.

Manage your payment agreement in the app

We know things change – maybe you’re going on holiday and won’t be able to hit the gym, you’ve opened a new account, or have simply changed your mind about your payment agreement. With PayTo, you can make it work for you on the go.

Check out the steps below to find out how to pause, resume, cancel and change the linked account or PayID.

Find your agreements

  1. Head to the ‘Payments’ menu at the bottom
  2. Tap on the ‘Manage’ tab
  3. Tap ‘PayTo agreements’.

Choose the right one

From the list, tap on the payment agreement you want to manage.

Go to settings

Tap on the ‘Settings’ tab at the top of the page to bring up the options for your payment agreement.

Choose what you want to do

Just tap on the action you want to take and follow the prompts.

Manage your payment agreement in online banking

  1. Log in and head to 'Payments' > 'PayTo Agreements'
  2. Under your 'Active' agreements, select the agreement you want to manage
  3. Choose what you want to do.

Frequently asked questions

We’re here to help

Most of our deposit accounts are eligible for PayTo. There are some accounts that aren't eligible, including credit card accounts, term deposits, loan accounts, children's accounts and business trust accounts.

If you’re not sure, head to ‘Change linked account’ in the app and look at the list of your available accounts. In online banking, you can check by choosing any of your active PayTo agreements.

A daily authorisation limit applies to PayTo agreements. This is the total value of payment agreements you can authorise in one day (not the amount that can be debited from your account in one day).

The default daily authorisation limit is $300, but you can update it to up to $5,000. Keep in mind that no limit applies to direct debits that have been switched to PayTo agreements (unless they’re amended by the merchant via PayTo).

To change your daily authorisation limit in online banking head to ‘Payments’ > ‘Payment limits’ or in the app go to 'Payments' > ‘Manage’ > ‘PayTo authorisation limit'.

PayTo agreements can only be set up if the merchant or service provider has decided to use PayTo.

If you’ve already got a direct debit set up and the merchant or service provider gets onboard with PayTo, they might choose to switch you over.

If a merchant automatically switches your direct debit to a PayTo agreement:

  • ​They should notify you 14 days before the switch
  • You don’t have to authorise the switch
  • Payments for the payment agreement can’t start coming out of your account until five days after it’s been switched
  • The payment agreement isn’t subject to the daily authorisation limit unless it’s amended.

PayTo could be used as a modern alternative to direct debits once a merchant or service provider has opted in. It has additional features and flexibility that give it a number of advantages over direct debits, including digital management and accessibility, plus the range of different payment types and frequencies it supports.

Yes. PayTo gives the merchant the flexibility to set up different payment types based on what the payment agreement’s for.

A merchant can set up a payment agreement based on a fixed, variable, usage based or balloon amount.

For example, if your payment to a particular merchant or service provider changes, like a water bill, you can authorise the merchant to charge your account up to a certain amount.

The merchant can also set up your payment agreement to make a payment when it suits you – like monthly, fortnightly, weekly, or even daily – and anywhere in between.

To authorise, update or manage a PayTo agreement, you’ll need to have SMS code set up – it’s a security thing.

If you have an existing direct debit that’s been switched to a PayTo agreement, you’ll only need to have SMS code set up if you want to update it.

Find out how to set up SMS code

Sometimes there can be delay of up to 4 hours – it just means we’re checking the details and making sure it’s all good to go. Try checking back after 4 hours. We’ll also keep you updated via email or letter.

Whether it’s confirmation of an action you’ve taken or letting you know about a new request, we’ll keep you updated about your PayTo agreements via email or letter. It’s a good idea to make sure the email address we’ve got for you is up to date. See how.

You might have to wait until they come onboard, but in the meantime you can keep going with your existing direct debit.

Need help?

You can message us in the Bankwest App, or call us – we’re here 24/7.

PayTo® and PayID® are registered trademarks of NPP Australia Limited.