Contactless payment - PayPass® limit increase to $200

Across Australia, the PIN limit for contactless ‘tap and go™’ payments has increased from $100 to $200. This is a temporary measure to reduce your need to make physical contact with payment terminals.

Retailers such as Woolworths and Coles started to use the temporary $200 limit from April 2020.

Your Bankwest cards automatically applied the new limit, however not all retailers have these new limits applied to their merchant facilities. Please always follow the PIN pad prompts to allow your transaction to go through smoothly.

You can also continue to purchase safely online from secure websites using your Bankwest cards. See more info on online safety.


How do I know when I can use the new contactless transaction limit of $200?

From April 2020, retailers started to apply the new limit. You will notice a change to the PIN entry prompt when you make a purchase on your card. You can also ask the retailer.

How will this new limit impact the security of my card?

We will continue to monitor your account as usual and we will alert you to any unusual activity. Please keep your card safe at all times and check your account often. If you lose your card or have any concerns about unauthorised transactions on your account, please contact us immediately.

Does this apply to mobile payments such as Apple Pay and other wearable devices?

Mobile payments and other devices are highly secure alternatives to card payments. Some mobile transactions do not usually require a PIN due to the added authentication security on the device. However, some devices may still request a PIN for transactions above $100.

I’m a business customer – how can I have this new limit applied to my terminals?

The new limit updates automatically applied to Bankwest merchant facilities progressively from April 2020. If you need support, please contact Bankwest.

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