Understanding your credit card statement

There's a few different things to consider when looking at your credit card statement, so we've put together a guide on how to tackle them.
A screenshot of a credit card statement with 'Minimum Payment' (A), 'purchases, BT's and cash advances' (B) and 'closing balance owing' (C) highlighted.

Figure A: Understanding your credit card statement

A: The minimum amount you need to pay each month – pay this off to avoid a late payment fee.

B: Any purchases you've made during the payment cycle (since your last statement), including any balance you've transferred from another credit card or cash you've taken out of your credit card account.

C: The total amount you currently owe – pay this off to avoid interest.

Things to remember

If you're struggling to figure out how to avoid fees and interest, remember:

  • You need to pay at least your minimum repayment each month to avoid a late payment fee
  • You should pay off your full balance each month to avoid purchase interest
  • If you make a cash advance (withdraw cash from your credit account), you’ll be charged a cash advance fee.

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