Can I use my card overseas?

If your debit and credit cards have the Mastercard® logo, they can be used in over 43 million locations worldwide (wherever you see the logo). If they haven’t, they’re for use in Australia only.

Keep in mind, there are some countries where you won’t be able to use your Mastercard – learn more.

International fees

Make sure you’re prepared for international fees. Depending on the type of account, you may incur a $5 overseas ATM withdrawal fee and a foreign transaction fee of 2.95% of the transaction amount for each transaction outside of Australia. Check out our bank account comparison table for more information.

To find out about foreign transaction fees on your credit card, check out our comparison table.

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Foreign transactions are all transactions effected in foreign currency or occurring outside of Australia whether in foreign currency or Australian dollars including if you are in Australia (for example, online) where the merchant or the financial institution or entity processing the transaction is located overseas. No foreign transaction fees apply for Platinum or World customers. Other fees and charges may apply, including when using overseas ATMs.