How do I apply for a balance transfer?

If you already have a Bankwest credit card, you can transfer an outstanding balance from another bank's credit card. This can help simplify your finances and repayments – and you can do this in online banking or the app if there's a balance transfer offer available.

Checking for offers in online banking

  1. Choose 'Self service' > 'Manage my cards'
  2. Click 'See offers'
  3. Otherwise, go to 'Products & offers' > 'Offers'.

Checking for offers in the app

  1. ​Go to your ‘Accounts’ screen
  2. Select the card you’d like to transfer your balance to
  3. Tap 'Manage', then 'View all offers' and check the 'Balance transfers' section.

If you don’t have any current offer available, please give us a call.

View balance transfer terms and conditions.

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