Manage my home loan

Get to know the things you could do with your Bankwest home loan – and how to make the most of it.

Getting started

Once you have a Bankwest home loan, here's the stuff that you need to know.

Manage your loan online and on the go

Online banking and the Bankwest App are convenient ways to manage your loan. You can see your loan balance, transactions and statements, as well as make and change your manually scheduled repayments (although there might be some things you'll need to check your home loan statement or call us for if your loan has multiple limits).

Repayments and redraw

How to make repayments

It's important that you always make your minimum monthly repayments on time (that's the lowest amount you need to pay each month to meet the terms of your home loan contract).

You can use the app or online banking to manually schedule your repayments from your Bankwest bank account to your home loan.

Prefer to set up automatic direct debits with us? Give us a call on 13 17 19.

Got a construction loan?

Understanding my home loan and repayments

Redrawing my repayments

A home loan redraw facility lets you access your extra repayments if you need additional funds.

Paying off my home loan faster

Check out ways to help reduce your home loan interest and the time it takes to pay off your mortgage.

Using an offset account

It's an everyday bank account with a money-saving twist – it helps you save on home loan interest and potentially pay off your mortgage sooner.

Making extra repayments

Any additional home loan repayments you make will build up in surplus. The bigger your surplus, the less interest we'll charge on your home loan.

Even if it's a small extra repayment every week, the savings can be huge.

Consolidating my debts into my home loan

If you structure your repayments in the right way, bringing multiple debts together into one loan could help you save money – and pay your home loan faster.

Changes down the track

Increasing, reviewing and refinancing my loan

  • Get a home loan health check – we can make sure that you've still got the right home loan and that you're making the most of it.
  • Increase (top up) your loan – had your home loan for a while? If you want to do something like renovate, buy a car or consolidate debt, you might want to check if there's equity available in your property.


Repayments calculator

Calculate how much you could save by making extra repayments.

Refinance calculator

Compare repayments to find out whether refinancing your loan could save you money on interest.

Buying and selling costs calculator

Estimate upfront home buying and selling costs.

Need help getting the most out of your loan?

Book time with a Home Lending Specialist – when and where it suits you. Talk on the phone, meet at a branch, or have a Mobile Lending Manager come to you.