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Simply enter a few details and review the repayment costs to determine whether refinancing your home loan may save you money on interest in the long term.

Please note: only selected products are available in calculators. For assistance with other products please contact us.

Home loan refinance FAQs

Enter details about your property and current home loan in Loan 1. Select a Bankwest loan in Loan 2 and then the calculator will give you an estimate on your savings if you refinanced. Remember, this is just an estimate, so chat to a Home Lending Specialist to get an even better idea of what you might save.

Refinancing is when you move your home loan to a new provider. People often refinance to get a lower home loan rate and save on their home loan.  Other reasons to refinance could be to consolidate debt, increase your loan amount for renovations or to get a loan with different features, like offsets.

If you choose to make principal and interest repayments, you’re paying down both the loan amount (the principal) and the interest. Interest only repayments only pay down the interest, for a set period of time - usually one to five years. When deciding which repayment type is best for you, chat to a Home Lending Specialist and consider things like your long term goals, financial position and different interest rates.

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