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We understand the vital role you play in the home ownership journey, and we're here to be your loyal sidekick – working together to deliver great experiences for our customers. Now, you can get to know the team that helps you along the way.

Let us introduce you

Supporting brokers is something we pride ourselves on. We’ve delved a little deeper into some of our team members, so you can put a face to a name of our ultimate broker sidekicks.

Meet Julia

Acrobat of hoops and home loans

Whether it’s flying through the air in a hoop or flying through all home loan departments, Julia’s no stranger to adventurous journeys. Find out how she’s at the heart of action helping customers reach their goals.

Meet Paul

Broker-side to bank-side​

With as much broker experience as cycling gear, Paul is a born and bred Perth local who loves a good burger. Learn more about his journey helping customers reach their dreams from all angles.

Meet Mia

Banking energiser bunny

Whether it’s Netflix or customer support, Mia has covered all angles. After diving into Bankwest straight out of school, building great relationships with brokers comes second nature to her. Find out more about how she’s shaping great outcomes.

Meet Iain

Customer experience whizz

Iain is a Bankwest veteran with a range of experience. When he’s not building cupboards, he’s busy building policies and systems that help our brokers do their thing. Find out how he’s tackling customer needs head on.

Meet Intiya

Customer centric mindset

A lover of Asian food who was persuaded here from abroad, Intiya’s Aussie adventure has spanned from Group Lending Services to fighting financial crime. Learn how she focuses on the customer to make a difference wherever she goes.

Meet Andy

Award winning expert

A well-travelled dad and golf fan, Andy’s been all over the globe – but broker world is still one of his favourite places. Find out how Andy juggles his busy life with being an expert on all things brokers.

Julia – Broker Support Manager (WA)

“For me, it’s about seeing others achieve their goals and have a positively memorable experience getting there.”

About me

I'm a determined (and slightly stubborn) 34-year-old with a true purpose of helping others. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people rise up. In my spare time, I volunteer with the Red Cross under their migration team as a Humanitarian Settlement Volunteer, basically helping immigrants settle into their new homes here.​

I'm also raising a little seven-year-old who keeps me on my toes – but every second weekend when he goes to his dad’s, you'll find me out and about, enjoying a beer (or two) and getting social – connection is important to me.​

And if I'm not juggling enough, I recently decided to join the ‘circus’ and take up the Aerial Art of Lyra, which is basically doing tricks in a hoop in the air. I love learning new things… I actually never knew I could do the splits until I got stuck in them, all the way on the roof, and had to call the teacher to come lower me down and help me. Lucky I don’t mind a laugh!​

My journey

I've been with Bankwest since I left school. I've been through all the home loan departments, and with our broker team for the last four or so years. I absolutely love working in the broker team, and because of my background I've got great relationships with the departments that support our brokers and customers on their home ownership journey.

Working with brokers

I’m very resourceful and have a lot of good relationships in a lot of different areas of Bankwest, which means I know who to contact to get broker issues resolved quickly. I enjoy dealing with and talking to people and don’t mind a challenge – being at the heart of the action with our brokers gives me a great sense of achievement.

Paul – Team Manager – Retail Credit Decisioning (WA)

“I love seeing the customer journey and it's especially rewarding in the broker space because it's a double win.”

About me

I live in Perth with my family – I've lived here all my life! I enjoy cycling on the weekends and have definitely accumulated too much cycling gear.

My journey

I've worked in banking for over fifteen years, and with Bankwest for a total of six. I actually owned my own broker business before I joined. While I’ve been at Bankwest, I've worked in Business Banking and now in Retail Credit Decisioning.​

I run a team of credit underwriters who assess and support outcomes for home lending applications that haven’t been automatically approved.

Working with brokers

I love working with the broker team to help customers achieve their goals, while also helping brokers grow their business. Everything we do at Bankwest is to help hard working people build their dreams and get into their homes, buy investments properties, or fund their businesses.

The thing I love about our Bankwest credit team is that we're here to help our customers. Every day our team shares good news stories about how we've helped a customer (and broker) progress their application, even if they didn't fit our usual scenarios.

We've got a wealth of experience in our team, and it allows us to make positive decisions for the customer in a risk aware manner – my team find a way to make it work wherever they can.

Something I think is really important for our brokers is our case ownership model. I think that personal touch makes all the difference when you're helping a customer looking to finance their homes or investments.​

Mia – Mortgage Support Officer (WA)

“Brokers work day and night to get the best outcome for their customer and being able to help them along the way is really rewarding.”

About me

I really enjoy spending time with friends and family. I'm a bit of an energy bunny – I just can't stay still! I'm also an extreme Netflix binger – I've watched everything. I like to have a drink or two on the weekend and my recent trip down south has me convinced I am a wine connoisseur. And I can’t forget about my love for food, although I am fussy, my palette is growing daily!

My journey

I started at Bankwest in January 2018, fresh from high school. I’ve been with the company for nearly four years. I worked in the customer service team on the phone for the first three years and gained skills in working with customers for general, cards and home loan enquiries. I then started in mortgage support in November 2020, and have been loving it ever since. I am also currently developing towards leadership which is super exciting.

Working with brokers

I admire the hard work brokers put into their relationships with customers and I understand they often jump through a lot of hoops to get the customer the outcome they desire, so it brings me a sense of achievement if I can make their process a little easier when they come through to the mortgage support team.​

I like that I have the opportunity to build relationships with brokers when they regularly come through our channels, because that makes the process a lot easier for them and the customer. I'm quite a fast-paced person and I think brokers appreciate that I match their energy to get things done for them. Every conversation I have is something different and allows me to learn something new every day.

Iain – Executive Product Owner – Pricing and Secured Credit Strategy (WA)

“I want to take the fear out of the process and help the customer have a place that's theirs.”

About me

I'm a proud dad, underachieving golfer and over-ambitious DIYer (I've got a bed, cupboards and a wine rack that are all in process of being built). I grew up in Hobart, moved to Perth 20 years ago for uni, and decided to stay.​

My journey

I’ve been with Bankwest for nearly 20 years – 19 years at the end of 2021. I've done all sorts of roles over that time, including process reviews, strategy, product management, marketing and project work. I’ve spent the last five years working on home loan systems, and I’m now in the valuation space. The theme over the last ten years has consistently been trying to make the experience as good as it can be for a customer by looking at what actually matters to them. We really work to understand what matters to the customer – they're the experts in what they need, and we do everything to make it work for them.​

Ultimately, I know what a home can be and how important it is to have that sense of coming home. Going through the process of finding and buying a house is incredibly daunting – our role is to make it as easy as possible and to help people understand what they need to do and what they can expect.

Working with brokers

I know how much effort goes into the role of a broker, and that it can sometimes be painful for them to be the knight in shining armour. The more my team can make the processes, policies and systems consistent, easy to use, and simple to understand – the more time brokers can spend building those important relationships with their customers.

Intiya – Product Manager – Home Buying (WA)

“Hearing from brokers directly is really powerful, and means we can really uplift the parts of the process that would make a big difference.”

About me

I was born in Thailand and met my husband there at my best friend's wedding. I followed him back to Perth and we've lived here since. My first year in Perth was a bit tough – it's a really big adjustment moving to a new country. I graduated with a business degree and studied graphic design, so my first year here I was working in marketing but needed a change. My father-in-law and husband work for Bankwest too, and my father-in-law suggested I apply.

My journey

I started in our Group Lending Services team and being brand new to banking, I learnt so much. I then had the opportunity to join our financial crime squad as an Associate Analyst. The way they worked really intrigued me, and the role really shaped a change in my career towards project management. I've been in the home buying products team for just over two and a half years and enjoy delivering projects knowing that it will make a difference to our colleagues’ or customers’ experience.

Working with brokers

I like that when people join the home buying products team, they come with different perspectives. For me, my background in Group Lending Services really cultivated a mindset of improving processes around customer experience. I brought this mindset with me – helping the customer is really rewarding. This is especially true in home buying products because we're often resolving complaints, and it's great to hear that the customer is happy with the outcome. We're also customers ourselves, so we can relate, and want to help how we can by making improvements to our processes.

I also love being able to solve problems and add value for our brokers. When I did the discovery work to add a new form that would simplify a process for brokers, I got to do a workshop to hear from customers and brokers directly. That was really powerful and meant we really uplifted the parts of the process that would make a big difference.

Andy – Broker Development Manager (Brisbane)

“I absolutely love working with brokers. They are my number one priority.”

About me

I’m a husband and father of two young kids – anyone who has two young ones knows they certainly keep you busy! When I’m not at home with them, I love to get out and play some golf. I’m a huge music fan and love travel – I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited 55 countries. With all this travelling, I can say that I’m always happy to come back to Australia and love calling it my home.

My journey

I’ve been with Bankwest for almost 10 years in a variety of roles, including a retail lender, business banker, and now a Broker Development Manager. I absolutely love what I’m doing and I’m proud of Bankwest's culture. I’ve been achieving some great milestones lately and have been honoured to be recognised over my time, most recently winning BDM of the year at the Better Business Awards in Queensland.

Working with brokers

I love that I can provide exceptional support for my brokers and strive to exceed their expectations. I aim to provide exceptional solutions to support our brokers and our customers to achieve great things. I add value to my brokers every day by being accessible, honest and driven to provide a mutual, trusting and honest relationship. I am proud that I can be a trusted partner helping them not only reach, but exceed, their goals, all whilst helping our customers achieve financial success.

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