Choose less flying solo, with backing from us

While you’re prioritising and working hard for your customers, we’re with you every step of the way. It’s one of the many reasons why brilliant brokers choose Bankwest.

Brilliant broker support crew

All our brilliant brokers get access to a support crew. They’re ready to jump in and help when you need them most.

A BDM and BSM duo

Each broker has a dedicated BDM and BSM for day-to-day enquiries and workshopping applications.

Case owners

You’re assigned a case owner when you submit an application to help you with those nitty gritty details.

Retail credit

Your go-to team to help you make reliable decisions in a pinch – and help when you’re a bit stuck.

Mortgage Support Team

For simple application questions like settlement details or timings, MST are available to chat online.

Meet your ultimate broker sidekicks

We pride ourselves on supporting brokers to get the best outcome for their customers. Get to know a few of your sidekicks, who help make the magic happen.

Health and wellbeing support

Our brokers have exclusive access to our Health and Wellbeing Assistance program, at no cost.

Through our partner, Benestar, this confidential service connects you with trained coaches for when you need some extra support across any aspect of life – physical, mental, social and financial.

Professional and personal growth resources at your fingertips

Connect Events

Hear from inspiring thought-leaders, here to inspire you with fascinating topics – plus, meet like-minded people and pick up some handy tips.

Learning library

Choose less searching with access to a stack of useful and insightful videos and content – all in one place.

Get accredited

Become a brilliant Bankwest broker

  1. Download and complete the accreditation form
  2. Send it with required paperwork to your aggregator
  3. We'll be in touch

For supporting documentation, refer to the 'accreditation requirements' on each accreditation form. For retail accreditations, fill out our Mentor Agreement Letter with Mentoring Contact Log (PDF).

Need help?

For all enquiries, please email our accreditations team.