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Checking your account balances is easy

The account balances page is the first screen to be displayed after you log on to BOB. It displays the accounts associated with your PAN and their up-to-date balances.

Clicking on one of the account numbers shown on the balances screen will show a list of recent transactions for that account.

Note: Your account balances (current and available) may differ if there are transactions or payments yet to be processed.

Common questions:

  • How do I see a list of my current transactions?

    • select account balances from the account information menu
    • click on the desired account number to display its list of transactions
  • How do I accept a credit limit increase?

    It's always handy having extra credit up your sleeve. If you qualify for a pre-approved credit card limit increase, a message will be displayed on the transaction listing page of your credit card.

    To view/select this invitation:

    • click the view button on the message on the transaction listing page
    • select the credit limit shown or enter an alternate amount in the select new credit limit field, then click the next button
    • confirm the questions asked by selecting answers appropriate to your situation and click the confirm button
    • if your acceptance is successfully processed your limit will be updated and available to you immediately. Happy days!
  • Can I export my financial data to my accounting software?

    Data entry is no fun for anyone. That's why we make sure all your transaction information can be exported into your personal budgeting software. BOB is compatible with the latest version of MYOB, Finance One, AgriMaster, Microsoft Money, Quicken and REST Professional. In the unlikely event you have issues downloading transactions, please contact your software provider. But if you follow these three easy steps, it should be a cinch:

    1. display the data to be exported by clicking on your account balances or by performing a transaction search
    2. underneath the list of transactions, select what you would like to export, the desired format and click the export button
    3. open or save the file as required
  • What are uncleared funds?

    When you deposit a cheque into your account the funds are not available straight away as the cheque must be cleared first.

    A cheque can take 3 or more working days to clear as it must be returned to the bank or branch it was drawn on for the following to be checked:

    • verification of signature
    • technical errors
    • stopped payments
    • sufficient funds in the payee's cheque account
  • Why are my total balance and total available different?

    The total balance is the combined total of your available balances and your uncleared funds for all the accounts linked to your PAN.

how can we help?

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