Where can I find my BSB and account number?

You can find your BSB and account numbers in the Bankwest App, Bankwest Online Banking (BOB) and on your statements or eStatements.

In the Bankwest App – see them under each account name on your accounts list. Copy the details by swiping left.

In BOB - see them in your ‘Account balances’ view.

The first six digits make up your BSB (like 306-089) and the next seven digits make up your account number (like 0001234).

If you know the branch your account was opened at, you can also search for that branch’s BSB number.

What’s a BSB number?

A Bank State Branch (BSB) number identifies the individual branch of a financial institution within Australia. This six-digit number, plus your account number, is what we use to identify your account.

A BSB number is made up of three parts – AAB-CCC:

AA specifies the financial institution

B indicates the state where the branch is located

CCC is the unique identifier for a branch.

Looking for a SWIFT or BIC code?

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Need more help?

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