Get to know your finances

Keen to give your finances some love? Here's a few simple ideas to get you started.

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Understand your spending

It’s good to get an idea of your expenses so you can work out whether you need to adjust your spending habits. You can do this manually or use a tool to help you out – like a budget planner.

If you’re doing it manually, start by looking at your transactions over an average month and add up everything you spent. Make sure you include any money you set aside for savings too.

Then you can categorise your spending to work out where most of your money goes each month. It’s going to be different for everyone, but here are a few ideas:

  • Food
  • Rent/mortgage repayments
  • Regular bills
  • Entertainment
  • Transport
  • Savings
  • Childcare.

Once you work out how much you’re spending in each category, you can compare it to your income to see where you could cut back – even if it’s just occasionally.

Get alerts to keep you on track

Set up Bankwest Easy Alerts in our app to get a push notification when you make a PayPass transaction, if your account balance drops below a chosen amount, and more.

Be smart with your mortgage

If you have a home loan, there’s a few things you can do to save yourself some money – like making weekly or fortnightly repayments instead of monthly.

Work out what you own and owe

You might have a rough idea of how much you’ve saved and who you may owe money to, but it can pay to dig a little deeper.

This can also be helpful to know when you’re applying to borrow money from a lender – whether it’s a credit card, a personal loan or home loan.

Calculate your assets

Your assets are the things you own – this includes any savings you have. Add up the total value of things like property, vehicles, investments (like shares), superannuation and savings to see what you’re working with.

See what you owe

Add up the total amount you may owe towards things like your home loan, credit cards, personal loans or student loans.

If you find yourself with multiple credit cards and personal loans to pay off, you might want to think about consolidating your debt.

Streamline your accounts

It can be easy to end up with multiple accounts with a few financial institutions, which can make it hard to track what you're spending and saving – and could leave you paying unnecessary fees. It’s good to regularly check in on your accounts and make sure they still fit your needs and close any you don’t use anymore.

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