Ways to earn Qantas Points

Simple tips to help you maximise your Qantas Point-earning power, at home or abroad.

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Earn on everyday expenses

You don’t need to be travelling overseas to earn Qantas Points. Pay for regular expenses using a Bankwest Qantas Mastercard® or a Bankwest Qantas Transaction Account to earn points on eligible purchases.

Not sure if a purchase is eligible? Check our Bankwest Qantas Rewards Terms and Conditions (PDF).

Earn each time you pay a bill

You can earn Qantas Points anytime you pay a bill on time using a Qantas rewards credit card or Bankwest Qantas Transaction Account. Keep in mind this doesn’t apply to BPAY payments or government charges.

You could automate paying your bills by setting up direct debits for:

  • Utility bills like gas, water and electricity
  • Phone and internet bills
  • A gym membership
  • Subscriptions like Netflix and Spotify.

Earn on money in your account

With our Bankwest Qantas Transaction Account, you could earn 0.3 Qantas Points for every $100 in your account each day (up to $50,000).

You could make the most of your point-earning potential by getting your salary paid into this account or by transferring money regularly into this account to do your everyday banking.

Earn on overseas withdrawals

If you’re travelling abroad, you can earn Qantas Points every time you withdraw cash at an overseas ATM using your Bankwest Qantas Transaction Account. We also don't charge foreign ATM fees, so you can shop from anywhere in the world without worrying about the extra cost. Keep in mind overseas and local non-bank ATM operators may charge a fee. Other fees and charges (like foreign transaction fees) may apply.

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You must be a member of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program to earn and redeem Qantas Points. A joining fee usually applies. However, complimentary membership is available from Bankwest if you join at qantas.com/joinffbankwest.

Membership and the earning and redemption of points are subject to the terms and conditions of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program. Qantas Points are earned in accordance with and subject to the Bankwest Qantas Rewards Terms and Conditions (for credit cards) and the Bankwest Qantas Rewards Program Terms and Conditions (for the Bankwest Qantas Transaction Account). Qantas Points are earned on eligible purchases only. Exclusions and limitations apply. Points earned and redemption values subject to change.

Qantas Points (outside any bonus points) won't be transferred to your Qantas Frequent Flyer Account until:

  • You have spent an initial $1,500 on eligible purchases using your card; and
  • Your account has been opened for at least 2 months.

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