Ways to earn Qantas Points

Whether you’re new to earning Qantas Points or have been accumulating points for a while, here are some simple tips you can take advantage of to help boost your points.

Use your Qantas credit card for everyday expenses

You don’t need to be travelling overseas to earn Qantas Points. Pay for regular expenses using a Bankwest Qantas Mastercard® or a Bankwest Qantas Transaction Account to earn more points.

Earn Qantas Points each time you pay for:

  • groceries
  • petrol
  • restaurants and takeaway
  • transport and taxis
  • clothes
  • and more.

Let’s say you had a Bankwest Platinum Qantas Mastercard. If you spent the first $2,500 of your balance during the month on eligible purchases, you could earn up to 1,875 Qantas Points. Not sure if a purchase is eligible? See our Bankwest Qantas Rewards Terms and Conditions (PDF).

Earn each time you pay a bill

If you didn’t know already, whenever you pay a bill on time using a Qantas rewards credit card or Bankwest Qantas Transaction Account you earn Qantas Points. Keep in mind that this doesn’t apply to BPAY payments.

You could make bill paying automatic by setting up direct debits for:

  • Utility bills like gas, water and electricity
  • Phone and internet bills
  • A gym membership
  • Subscriptions like Netflix and Spotify.

Get rewarded for money in your account

With our Bankwest Qantas Transaction Account you could earn 0.3 Qantas Points for every $100 in your account each day.

With this in mind, you could consider taking advantage of your point-earning potential by getting your salary paid into this account or by transferring money regularly into this account to do your everyday banking.

Withdraw cash while travelling overseas

If you’re travelling abroad, every time you withdraw cash at an ATM using your Bankwest Qantas Transaction Account, you can earn Qantas Points.

Just be aware that some overseas banks may charge a fee for using their ATM, and other fees and charges, including foreign transaction fees, may apply.

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