Balance transfer terms and conditions

You may at any time request us, and acting reasonably, we may agree (such agreement not to be unreasonably withheld), to transfer any debit balance of a non-Bankwest-branded Australian credit card, store card or charge card account held by you or an Additional Cardholder to the Card Account subject to the following terms:

  • you or the Additional Cardholder (as relevant) are not in default of the terms and conditions applicable to the account from which the transfer is made;
  • for electronic Balance Transfers (via Bankwest Online Banking or the Bankwest app) you may only transfer up to the nominated amount we advise at the time of making the transfer;
  • for other Balance Transfers the request will only be processed up to 95% of the limit applicable to your card at the time of processing. If you request a higher amount we will only process up to 95% of your current credit limit;
  • we will process the balance transfers in the order that you request them and we will not be responsible for any delay or any charges in connection with processing a request for a balance transfer, other than to the extent that the delay or charges are directly due to our act or omission;
  • we will not close a card account held with other financial institutions. If you wish to, or are required to, close a card account, you will need to arrange this; and
  • a request will only be processed to your card account once the card has been activated.

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