Bankwest ATMs

We’re making some changes and improvements to our ATMs over the coming months. You’ll still be able to do all the usual stuff that makes your day to day banking more convenient – like withdraw cash, check your balance and more – but here’s what else you can expect to see at our ATMs.

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So what’s changing this year?

By the end of October, you’ll be able to deposit the new $50 bank note at any of our Smart ATMs. Some Smart ATMs may be unavailable for a day at most while the improvement is made.

Keep in mind that, from 31 July 2018, there’ll be a $10,000 daily account cash deposit limit at our Smart ATMs. You’ll be able to deposit more over the counter or at an Express Commercial Deposit Facility (Business customers only) in branch.

Other changes we are making this year…

Introducing a $10,000 daily account cash deposit limit

Daily cash deposit amounts over $10,000 will need to be made over the counter or at an Express Commercial Deposit facility (Business customers only) in Branch.

When: 31 July 2018

Upgrading our ATM software

Transactions can be performed using the touch screen. You can add a narration to cash and cheque deposits made at Smart ATMs. Audio functionality will also be enhanced.

When: progressively between July and October 2018.

Issuing and accepting the Next Generation $50 banknote

Some ATMs may be unavailable for a few hours or even for a day for hardware and software changes to issue and accept the new $50 banknote when it’s released in October 2018. Visit the RBA website for more details.

When: progressively between July and October 2018.

We’re also keeping all the good stuff so you can still…

Withdraw and deposit cash instantly

Quickly deposit cash and even cheques at our Smart ATMs, and set your favourite withdrawal amount at any of our ATMs.

Transfer funds between accounts

Easily move money between your accounts linked to your card.

Change your PIN

Change your PIN for your debit and credit cards at any time.

Change ATM language

Change the language from English to Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean or Greek.

Access ATMs easily

All our ATMs, located in branch and off-premises, are audio-enabled and have tactile keypads, so you can bank independently when you want.

Check your balance

Check your balance and print your recent transactions.

Our ATMs

Bankwest customers with eligible transaction accounts have access to withdraw cash and check balances at over 3,500 Bankwest and Commonwealth Bank branded ATMs fee-free.

Non-Bankwest customers will not be charged ATM withdrawals fees when using Bankwest branded ATMs. Please note your card issuer may still charge you a fee.

Instant Deposits

Our Smart ATMs allow you to deposit cash and cheques into your account or credit card instantly. You can deposit up to 200 notes (daily cash limit applies) and 50 cheques without an envelope.

You can also make a payment into someone else's Bankwest account by entering their BSB and account number or credit card number.

From 31 July 2018, all Bankwest accounts will have a $10,000 daily account cash deposit limit applied.

Withdrawal limits

From 30 November 2017, the daily ATM withdrawal limit for Bankwest cards increased to $2,000 at Bankwest branded ATMs. Check back as further ATM's are added. The daily withdrawal limit:

  • applies to each card on an account. For example, if you hold a joint account, each card holder could withdraw the daily limit
  • is standard across all Bankwest cards and cannot be changed
  • may also increase your liability in the event of an unauthorised transactions on your account. So remember to report any suspicious transactions on your account as soon as you notice them and let us know if your card is lost or stolen.

How to deposit cash instantly at a Smart ATM

Insert your debit or credit card

Tap 'Deposit' on the screen.

Choose which account to deposit to

You can deposit into your accounts or pay into another person's Bankwest account or credit card.

Choose what you'd like to deposit

In a single transaction you can deposit notes or cheques or any combination of these.

Insert your notes then cheques

Be sure to remove any paperclips or elastic bands.

Enter a deposit description

This new feature allows you to enter a deposit description up to 16 characters which will appear on your statement.

Confirm your deposit

Check that the details are correct then select 'Confirm'.

How to withdraw cash at all Bankwest ATMs and Smart ATMs

Insert your debit or credit card

Tap 'Withdraw' on the screen.

Select the account

Choose which account to withdraw from.

Select the amount

Choose an amount on-screen or use the keypad.

Confirm your withdrawal

Check the details including receipt option then select 'Confirm'.

Accessible ATMs

We’re making it easier for more people to use our ATMs

All of our ATMs offer:

  • Improved, easier audio - simply plug in your earphones to instantly start the audio function
  • Touchscreen technology and tactile keypads to help you complete your transaction
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ATM audio – plug in to get started

The audio starts as soon as you plug in your earphones, and step by step instructions will guide you through your transaction. You can use any standard earphones with a 3.5mm audio connector.

Here's what to expect before you insert your card at the ATM:

  1. The funnel-shaped audio jack is located above and to the right of the ATM keypad. Place your earphones in your ears first, then plug your earphones in firmly as the audio will start immediately.
  2. You’ll be prompted to adjust the volume and hear the introduction. Use the keypad to respond. You can set the volume using the flat, disc-shaped toggle button above the audio jack at any time.
  3. You can insert your card after this step.

To skip the introduction simply plug in your earphones, adjust the volume if you want, then press number 2 twice (this answers 'No' to the initial questions). Insert your card and enter your PIN when prompted.

Customer secretly entering her PIN using the ATM keypad.

ATM keypad

The ATM keypad layout is provided below to help you make your transaction easier.

  • number 1 is at the top left
  • number 5 in the centre and has a raised dot
  • 0 is the centre bottom key
  • the function keys are in a column to the right of the numbers
  • the CANCEL key sits at the top and has a raised cross on the key face
  • the CLEAR key sits beneath and has a raised vertical line on the key face
  • the third key is blank and is not used
  • the ENTER key sits at the bottom and has a raised circle on the key face

How can we help?

If you still need help you can speak to someone from the team.