Bankwest ATMs

Your complete guide to Bankwest ATM fees, deposit limits and withdrawal limits.

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What you can do at our ATMs

Withdraw and deposit cash

At any Bankwest or CommBank ATM in Western Australia. Plus we won’t charge you ATM fees in Australia or overseas. 1 Overseas and local non-bank ATM operators may charge a fee. Other fees and charges may apply.​

Transfer funds between accounts

Move money between the accounts linked to your card.

Change your PIN

Update the PIN for your debit and credit cards anytime.

Change ATM language

Our ATMs operate in Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean and Greek as well as English.

Use our audio functionality

All our ATMs are audio-enabled and have tactile keypads so you can bank independently when you want.

Check your balance

Check your balance and print your recent transactions.

ATM fees and limits

If you're a customer with us and have an eligible bank account, you can withdraw cash and check your balances at any Bankwest and Commonwealth Bank branded ATMs fee-free. Eligible customers can also withdraw from ANZ, NAB and Westpac with no ATM fee.

If you don't bank with us, you won't be charged ATM withdrawal fees when using Bankwest branded ATMs. Keep in mind your card issuer may still charge you a fee. Cash advance interest rates and fees may also apply if you withdraw cash from your credit card at an ATM or a branch.

Deposit limits

You can deposit cash (up to $8,000) and cheques (up to 50) into your eligible account. Keep in mind – cheques may take up to three business days to clear and your account needs to be linked to your card. Learn more about CommBank ATMs

Withdrawal limits

The daily ATM withdrawal limit for Bankwest cards is $2,000 at Bankwest branded ATMs. The daily withdrawal limit:

  • applies to each card on an account. If you have a joint account, each cardholder could withdraw the daily limit
  • is standard across all Bankwest cards and can't be changed
  • may increase your liability in the event of unauthorised transactions on your account. Remember to report any suspicious transactions on your account as soon as you notice them and let us know if your card is lost or stolen.

If you make regular withdrawals, set your favourite withdrawal amount at any of our ATMs.

ATM accessibility

All our ATMs offer an audio function, touchscreen technology and tactile keypads. Keep reading to find out how to use them.

ATM audio

The audio starts as soon as you plug in your earphones, and step by step instructions will guide you through your transaction. You can use any standard earphones with a 3.5mm audio connector. Here's what to expect:

  • The funnel-shaped audio jack is located above and to the right of the ATM keypad. Place your earphones in your ears first, then plug your earphones in firmly – the audio will start immediately.
  • You’ll hear the introduction – use the keypad to respond to any prompts. You can adjust the volume anytime using the flat, disc-shaped toggle button above the audio jack.
  • Insert your card and start banking.

To skip the introduction, simply plug in your earphones, adjust the volume if you want, then press number 2 twice (this answers 'No' to the initial questions). Insert your card and enter your PIN when prompted.

ATM keypad

The ATM keypad layout is provided below to help you make your transaction easier.

  • Number 1 is at the top left
  • Number 5 in the centre and has a raised dot
  • 0 is the centre bottom key
  • The function keys are in a column to the right of the numbers
  • The CANCEL key sits at the top and has a raised cross on the key face
  • The CLEAR key sits beneath and has a raised vertical line on the key face
  • The third key is blank and is not used
  • The ENTER key sits at the bottom and has a raised circle on the key face.

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  1. Overseas and local non-bank ATM operators may charge a fee. Other fees and charges may apply.​

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