Support at all stages of life

Things can come up in your life that can make dealing with your finances seem overwhelming. We’re here to support you with personalised support packages which give you flexible solutions for when you need it during hard times.

Coping with a change in circumstance

Certain events in your life may leave you needing help and support to get back on track financially. For example:

  • Changes to your income or expenses
  • Losing your job
  • A significant life event, such as a relationship breakdown or death in the family
  • Injury or illness
  • An emergency event or natural disaster.

If you’re a Bankwest customer who’s currently falling behind with your repayments, or if you think you may fall behind, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We’re here to help, and we could work with you to help you manage your credit card or loan repayments with a solution tailored to your needs.

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Code of Operation

Are you a recipient of Services Australia income support payments or Department of Veterans Affairs’ payments?

If you are a recipient of eligible Services Australia income support payments or Department of Veterans Affairs’ payments and the account which the payment is directed to becomes overdrawn, please let us know when we speak with you.

Under the Code of Operations, individuals who receive an eligible payment from Services Australia or Department of Veteran Affairs, are able to keep at least 90% of that payment for living expenses when you receive a payment into an overdrawn transaction account. We will also take this into consideration when we are negotiating payment arrangements on other debts you owe us.

To receive at least 90% of the eligible payment, you will need to visit a Bankwest branch near you. You can also call us 13 17 19, but you will still need to visit a branch for access to funds.

Emergency Assistance

If you’re in a time of need, we might be able to make special arrangements for you. We’re ready to help you with any concerns or questions in the event of a natural disaster.​

Special arrangements are available to customers, and our Customer Assist team is ready to help you promptly with your financial concerns and enquiries.

We’re here for immediate support

Keeping your finances safe

Disputing a transaction

If you’ve come across a transaction that’s not right, there are a few things to rule out first. If you’re still unsure, you’ll need to contact us.

Staying safe online

We’ve got a number of tips that you can use to prevent your cards and accounts from online threats.

Latest banking security threats

Stay up-to-date with the current online banking threats so you can know what to look out for.

How we make our banking accessible

We’re working to make sure our banking and website is accessible to everyone.

Limited English

Alternative language services are available to make our banking services more accessible.

Visual impairments

Our website can be accessed and navigated through a screen reader.

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Other helpful info

Find out how you can get support if you're experiencing hardship due to Coronavirus.

Find out more about consolidating multiple debts into one loan to help manage what you owe.

Need help?

You can message us in the Bankwest App, or call us – we’re here 24/7.

The advice on this page has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should, before acting on this advice, consider its appropriateness to your personal circumstances.