International Money Transfers

Send and receive international payments.


Send money in a few clicks

Transfer up to $20k online to over 200 countries (PDF).

Receive money from overseas

Let the sender know Bankwest's SWIFT code, as well as your full 13-digit account details (BSB and account number), without any spaces or dashes. 

You should also check if they need your street address (if they do need it, it can’t be a PO Box).

More ways to transfer money overseas

Transfer money in online banking, fill out an International Transfer Application Form (PDF) or visit a Bankwest branch. 1 2

Send money overseas in online banking

It's simple and fast.

Go to ‘Payments & transfers’

Select 'Make a payment', then 'International transfer'.

Enter transfer details

Then select 'Create transfer'. What details do I need?


Select 'SMS me now', enter the code and confirm the transfer.


Name Fee
Receiving funds into your Bankwest account from overseas $10
Sending money in online banking $15
Sending money in a Bankwest branch $35
Initial query to investigate late International Transfers $25
Each subsequent query or follow up message $15
Sometimes overseas transfers touch a few financial institutions along the way who might deduct processing or receiving fees. Unfortunately these are out of our control, but you might like to send a little bit extra to cover any potential charges.


Before you start

  • Register for SMS code
  • Set your daily international transfer limit (up to AUD$20,000) by selecting 'Payments & transfers', then 'Payment limits'
  • You'll need the SWIFT code or Bank Code (if you're unsure, ask the recipient) of the bank you're sending funds to 3
  • You might need an International Bank Account Number (IBAN), depending on the country you're sending money to. If the form asks for one, you'll need to ask your recipient for the IBAN 4
  • Have the recipient's full name, address and account number handy, as well as the name and address of the overseas bank.

Need more help?

Speak to someone from the team today.

  1. Service only available on Bankwest transaction accounts.
  2. If you choose to submit an application by email, Bankmail or fax, we’ll need to perform additional security checks which can take up to three business days. We’ll SMS you when we start these. We’ll also call you to perform an ID check and confirm your payment instructions (it’s a security thing).
  3. A Bank Code is a series of numbers used to identify banks from around the world. It can be between 3 and 23 digits depending on the country of the bank and the type of code. It may also be called:

    BSB – e.g. Australia and New Zealand (6 digits)
    Clearing Code or Branch Code – e.g. Hong Kong (6 digits)
    Routing Number – e.g. Canada (9 digits)
    BSC (Bank Sort Code) – e.g. United Kingdom (6 digits)
    Fedwire/ABA – e.g. United States of America (9 digits)
    NCC (National Clearing Code)

  4. An International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is used by countries to uniquely identify a person’s bank account. Australian bank accounts don't have an IBAN.