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Convert Australian and international currency using latest foreign exchange rates.

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Important notes

O/A = On Application
N/A = Not Available (Bankwest doesn't trade this)

To convert AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS INTO foreign Currency MULTIPLY by the selected rate.

To convert FOREIGN CURRENCY INTO Australian Dollars DIVIDE by the selected rate.


  1. The exchange rates provided are a guide for foreign exchange transactions up to AUD $100,000 (to send money overseas) and up to AUD $250,000 (to receive money from overseas).
  2. The above rates and those used in the Foreign Exchange Calculator are updated on business days (and are subject to change without notice), and are indicative only. Bankwest does not guarantee the accuracy of the rates or any calculations made using the Foreign Exchange Calculator and is not liable for any omissions, errors or inaccuracies.
  3. Certain transactions are subject to a commission charge and/or stamp duty.
  4. You should confirm the latest foreign exchange rates with Bankwest prior to making any decisions about a particular transaction. Rates for documentary negotiations, currency transactions in excess of AUD $100,000 (to send money overseas) or AUD $250,000 (to receive money from overseas) and forward rates not listed, and hedge market quotations are available on request from the Bank.

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