A great account for students

Less fees? Yes, please. With no monthly maintenance fee, and an optional debit card with no major bank ATM fees – you’ll love the Easy Transaction Account. 1

Benefits at a glance

Fewer banking fees

No monthly maintenance fee or minimum monthly deposit required. Other fees may apply.

Fewer ATM fees

Pay no ATM fees when you use one of 10,000 major bank ATMs Australia-wide. 1

Worry less

Backed by Mastercard® 24/7 Zero Liability Protection and accepted at over 38 million Mastercard locations worldwide. 2 Debit Mastercard access is available to Australian citizens and temporary or permanent residents over 16 with an Australian residential address. Close

Great for bucketing

You can open up to 10 accounts to bucket your money, nickname them, shuffle their priority and set goals in the Bankwest App.


Name Fee
Monthly maintenance fee $0
Electronic withdrawal fee
Cheque withdrawal fee
Counter withdrawal fee
Overseas ATM access fee
$5 per transaction 3
Foreign transaction fee ? 2.95% of the transaction amount
Paper statement fee ? Avoid this fee with eStatements.
$1.25 per statement
Customers with this account will receive eStatements via Bankwest Online Banking and the Bankwest mobile app. Customers who opt to receive a paper statement, however, may be charged the above fee. Exemptions apply.

Other fees and charges may apply.  For more detailed information, see the Easy Transaction Account Product Schedule (PDF) and Your Guide to Banking Fees (PDF).

Opening an account online is simple


Tell us about yourself

If you’re an existing Bankwest customer simply click ‘apply now’, which will take you to a form that is prepopulated with your details. If you’re new to Bankwest, you’ll be able to complete your details.

Choose your card

Once you’ve checked your details, if you've ordered a Debit Mastercard you’ll be able to choose between an orange classic Debit Mastercard, or a black Platinum Debit Mastercard. 4 To be eligible for a Platinum Debit Mastercard a minimum of $4,000 must be deposited in the account each month. Close

Quick and easy verification

If you’re already a Bankwest customer, this is already complete. If not, use your current driver’s license, Medicare card and/or passport for quick and easy verification online or in branch.

Apply today

Here are your next steps...

Check your eligibility

  • You can apply online if you’re 16 or over (you can apply in a branch from age 11)
  • After a joint account? Book a branch appointment to apply. If you already have a joint account with us, call 13 17 19
  • You must be an Australian citizen, or temporary or permanent resident, and have an Australian residential address to get a Debit Mastercard®
  • You can have up to 10 Easy Transaction accounts per person.

Find out more about what you may need to provide.

Frequently asked questions

Info at your fingertips


Do I really pay no monthly maintenance fee?

That’s right – there’s no ongoing monthly maintenance fee to use this account.


Are there any ATM fees with this account?

Not if you use a Bankwest ATM or one of the 10,000 major bank ATMs Australia-wide. 1


Can I manage my money with an app?

This is where the Bankwest App comes in. You can securely manage your Easy Transaction Account on the go, track your savings and even set up customised alerts. See how the Bankwest App could help you.


What’s account bucketing, and how can it help me save?

It’s when you have separate accounts for different things. You might open multiple accounts to track your bills, everyday spending, holiday fund, and more. By separating your money, you can see how much you spend and set savings goals.

Learn more about how account bucketing works.


Does this account come with a Debit Mastercard®?

You can choose between an orange classic Debit Mastercard or a black Platinum Debit Mastercard. 4 To be eligible for a Platinum Debit Mastercard a minimum of $4,000 must be deposited in the account each month. Close

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