How do I view or confirm a pending payment?


All payments need to be approved by a Master user (or two Master users if the account needs two signatures) before they can be processed – you can find payments that are waiting for approval listed under ‘Pending’ payments.

To view your pending payments, select ‘Pending’ under ‘Payments & transfers’. You’ll then be able to filter payments by:

  • Payment type
  • Account
  • Status.

To view a payment in more detail, click on the orange reference number under ‘payment’ in the ‘List of payments’ table. Keep in mind that approved payments that are scheduled for a future date will stay in ‘Pending’ until they’ve been processed.

Confirming payments as a Master user

If you’re a Master user, you just need to enter your secure code and press ‘confirm’ in the relevant payment. Ensure that you check any pending transaction thoroughly before approving.

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