Less home loan hassle with digital signing

Digital signing – designed with you and your customers in mind. Feel comfy knowing you can review home loan contracts for accuracy before they're sent to your customer, who can conveniently sign from the comfort of their couch.

Less paperwork and less waiting

Your customers can experience a speedier time to settlement by digitally signing most of their home loan documents from anywhere.

See what your customers see

Have more visibility over their home loan contracts and journey.

Faster changes and settlement

Speeding up the process means settlement can be achieved faster and more efficiently.

Easy and secure process

Clear signing tags and input fields show the customer what to do, with secure log in and a clear electronic audit trail.

Broker review window

A 12-hour window to review documents and tell your customer the good news.

Financing a property in NSW, QLD, VIC or SA?

Customers taking out a home loan with properties in these states can access a full digital signing experience, including their Mortgage Forms – making applications quicker and easier.

How it works

The process is simple – just follow the steps below.

1. We send you a read-only version via DocuSign®

You’ll have a 12 hour window to review and tell your customer the good news. Once that’s done, you can choose to override the 12 hour review period and send the documents to your customers immediately.

2. Your customer gets email instructions

We recommend they use a computer or tablet to read and sign the documents. They’ll need internet access, plus an SMS secure code to log in.

3. Customers sign the documents

The first customer reads and signs each document. They’ll then be sent to the next customer until everyone has signed. Once signed, they’ll automatically be sent back to us.

4. Signed copies sent to you and each customer

They’ll be available in your email link for 90 days, so download a signed version for your records.

Some exclusions apply. Due to state laws, restrictions apply to digitally signing the Mortgage Form in some States and Territories. Customers must have access to a device (computer or tablet recommended) with internet and email access.

How to explain digital signing to your customer

Before you submit an application

  • Check they’re eligible for digital signing
  • Tell them that their documents may be issued digitally once their home loan’s been approved
  • Talk about the benefits of digital signing, including how secure, fast and easy it is.

Once their home loan’s been approved

  • Use the 12 hours window between your read-only email and their automatic email to explain that they’ll get an email with a link to their home loan documents
  • Tell them they’ll need to sign in using an SMS secure code.

Things to know and do

Info at your fingertips

To be able to sign documents digitally you customer should meet the below criteria:

  • Applying for a personal home loan (including construction loans) or home loan increase
  • Possess a valid email address and an Australian mobile number. For multiple applicants, mobile numbers need to be unique, email addresses can be shared between applicants
  • Home loan application does not fall into one of the following scenarios:
    • Guarantor
    • Power of attorney
    • Where an interpreter is required
    • Where manual document preparation is required
    • Home loan transfers
    • Personal loan or credit card applications (credit card products on a home loan application are eligible)
    • More than four borrowers
    • More than five home loan products and/or securities
    • Interest in advance products.

There may be instances not listed above that prevent the document from being digitally signed. In these cases, the case owner will notify you of the changes to the delivery method.

Make sure their email and Australian mobile number are correct when submitting their application. If they’re not, it’ll mean delays and rework for you and your customer. Your customers should also be able to check their details in the Application Tracker.

If everything’s correct and you’ve spoken to your customer, select the option to send loan documents to the customer and click ‘finish’ to trigger an email to the first customer. If you notice something that needs to be changed, contact the case owner to have it updated as some errors do not require new documents to be issued.

Due to state laws, the Mortgage Form can’t be signed online if any of the properties on the application are in ACT, NT, TAS or WA. All Mortgage Forms on that application will need to be printed, signed and posted back to us instead.

Other than all Mortgage Forms for applications with at least one property in ACT, NT, TAS or WA, documents need to be completed online.

If any of the properties on the application are in NSW or SA, the documents won't be complete until a representative from Bankwest reviews and e-signs them after the customer has signed – so they might take an extra day or two to be processed and sent for download.

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Some exclusions apply. Due to state laws, restrictions apply to digitally signing the Mortgage Form in some States and Territories. Customers must have access to a device (computer or tablet recommended) with internet and email access.