Home loan redraw facility explained 

When you make extra repayments on your home loan, this money builds up in surplus. Because it is in your home loan, the money is separate from your everyday spending, it’s reducing the interest you pay on your mortgage, and you have peace of mind knowing you can access it if you need to through what’s called a redraw facility.

Reasons to redraw 

This money may come in handy to pay for expenses you didn’t see coming, like an emergency or investment opportunity. Or you might want to spend the money on planned things like renovations, holidays or a new car.

Redrawing the surplus funds in your home loan means you may not have to apply for another loan or a credit card.

Keep in mind

Redrawing your extra repayments will mean those funds are no longer reducing the interest on your home loan.

How to use a redraw facility

Our variable rate home loans let you redraw your additional repayments for free through online banking. You can also use other methods of redraw, such as over the counter, with our variable rate home loans and fixed rate home loans – note that a minimum withdrawal amount may apply. 

Repayment holiday

Another way you may be able to use your surplus is to take a break from making your regular scheduled home loan repayments for a period of time. This could be useful if, say, you’re going on parental leave, taking a career break or changing jobs. Our Home Lending Specialists can talk you through what’s possible.

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