How do I discharge my home loan?

A home loan discharge request is a request to remove Bankwest as the ‘Mortgagee’ on the Certificate of Title. You might want to discharge your mortgage with us because:

  • your home loan is paid off, and you want to have the Certificate of Title returned to you
  • you’re refinancing your home loan to another financial institution
  • you are selling the property held with Bankwest, and need to organise a discharge of mortgage
  • there’s been a change in property ownership.

You’ll need to fill in a Release of Security form. We can give you one online – if you’re using the app, you can use the ‘Ask us’ button, or the ‘Message us now’ button in online banking.

Otherwise, you can call us on 13 17 19, and we can issue you a copy of the form.

You can return the form in a branch, or via fax or email. The process usually takes a minimum of 10 business days.

Fees may apply, including government and bank fees.

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