1. What’s DocuSign®?

DocuSign® is a third-party website we use that allows customers to sign documents electronically. As of 2019, it’s used by over 200 million people all over the world, and is the most widely used way of signing securely online.

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2. How do I know it’s secure?

Your documents are encrypted, so they can’t be read by anyone except us. We keep a copy of everything, and we’ve also added an extra layer of security, so you’ll need email access and an SMS code to view your documents.

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3. Are there any documents I can't sign online?

Due to state laws, the Mortgage Form can’t be signed online if any of the properties on the application are in ACT, NT, TAS or WA. Please print, sign and post all your Mortgage Forms back to us instead.

When you get your loan documents, we'll let you know if you need to print and sign the Mortgage Form and provide instructions on how to do it.

We’re working towards a paperless experience, but right now state government laws mean that this document can't be signed online – yet.

In DocuSign®, we’ve created instructions on how to complete the Mortgage Form and provided a reply-paid label that you can print and stick to the front of an envelope.

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4. Why haven't I received an email yet?

You should receive an email from DocuSign® after your home loan has been approved. Only one person can sign at a time – so if there’s more than one person on the application you’ll receive an email when it’s your turn to sign.

Make sure to check:

  • Your email address is up to date
  • Log into our Home Loan Application Tracker through your email (if you haven’t received an application tracker email, contact your Home Lending Specialist, Mobile Lending Manager or Broker)
  • Your junk or spam folders (if it’s a work address, it might be blocked)
  • If you have a DocuSign® account and opted out of notifications, check your settings in ‘My preferences’.

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5. Does my digital signature need to match my written one?

No, they don't need to match. In DocuSign® you can choose to draw your own signature or use a signature template – there’s no difference.

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6. Do I need to download anything to use DocuSign®?

You’ll be able to use DocuSign® straight away when you click the link to your documents in the email you receive. We recommend using it on your tablet or computer.

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7. When do I need to provide ID?

During the application process, you’ll already have provided the ID documents required.

This means you won’t need to worry about providing any other forms of ID when you’re signing online.

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8. How does it work if multiple people are signing?

If you've applied with someone else, only one person can sign at a time. After the first person signs, the next person receives an email and so on.

It’s important to remember that if you’re the first person to sign, you’ll need to make sure to fill out the ‘Borrower’s Authority and Instructions’ and ‘Making payments to my home loan’ forms.

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9. How do I update my mobile number or email address?

Get in touch with your Home Lending Specialist, Mobile Lending Manager or Broker directly and they can update your details for you.

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10. Can I print, sign and post all my documents instead?

If you receive your home loan documents through DocuSign®, you need to sign them online (this excludes all Mortgage Forms if any of the properties on the application are in ACT, NT, TAS or WA).

If you’d like to switch to paper documents, your Lender or Broker can organise this for you. Just be mindful that paper documents will take longer to receive.

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11. How do I edit or cancel my documents?

Please get in touch with your Home Lending Specialist, Mobile Lending Manager or Broker for help. They can organise this for you.

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12. How do I get a copy of my signed documents?

It's important to download a copy of your documents after you've signed. We'll prompt you to do this when you click 'Finish' in DocuSign®.

You have 90 days to download a copy of your documents from DocuSign®. After that, the email link to view your documents will expire, but you can always contact us to get a copy.

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13. Can I sign my documents on my mobile?

You can, but we recommend using a tablet or computer as it’s easier to read and sign your documents.

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14. Can I sign online if I'm overseas?

Yes, as long as you have access to the internet and your email, you can view and sign your documents online. If you can't receive an SMS code, we can organise an alternative – just contact us.

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Need more help?

If you need help signing your documents, it’s best to chat to your Home Lending Specialist, Mobile Lending Manager or Broker.

Digital signing – some exclusions apply. Due to state laws, restrictions apply to digitally signing the Mortgage Form in some States and Territories. Customers must have access to a device (computer or tablet recommended) with internet and email access.

DocuSign is a registered trademark of DocuSign, Inc.