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No matter which team you're in, you'll be working with people who are driven to make a difference for our customers, communities and each other.

Our way of working

We're adopting new technologies and new ways of working so we can become agile and responsive to rapidly changing customer needs.

We’re collaborating more effectively, testing new ideas directly with customers and learning quickly with the goal of delivering world class customer experiences.

We’ve also significantly boosted our investment in technology so we can build our capabilities in cloud, analytics and an API-enabled banking system.

Our teams

Each of our teams are constantly pushing boundaries to deliver for our customers. Discover which team could be the right fit for you.

Customer experience

We create customer solutions based on need. We're designed to be fluid and dymanic, with the ability to respond quickly to the needs of our customers, regulators and stakeholders.


We develop and execute all technical change within the organisation. We're striving to be the most productive, agile and customer focused technology and operations team in the world.

Personal and Business Banking

We bring together our Retail, Business and Operations teams into one division focused on delivering outstanding customer-centric experiences.

Products, Operations and Analytics

We develop and manage our products and pricing, bringing new payment solutions, products and partnerships to our customers.

Risk Management

We deliver operational, compliance and risk advice critical for customer decisioning and experience whilst developing a strong risk culture across our business.

Human Resources

As the champions of our award winning culture, we're comfortable with change and play a strategic role in the development of our people and business.

Corporate Affairs

We're responsible for protecting and promoting our reputation through measurable strategies that manage interactions with the media, customers and the general public.


We analyse trends and scan the market to understand challenges, threats and opportunities to ensure we're able to adapt and deliver what matters for our customers.

Financial Services

We draw insights about our current performance and provide forecasting to help manage the business in the medium term, and analyse external economic trends to anticipate impacts and opportunities.

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