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To receive a refund, you'll need the name of the account that was impacted, date of birth, reference number, remediation amount and bank account details. Make sure you have the letter we sent handy to complete this form.

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18 characters. You can find this in the letter we sent you. Make sure to enter it correctly so we can process your payment.

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The nominated account must be in the same name/s as your impacted account.

Bankwest is collecting your personal information in order to process your refund and ensure your funds are deposited in your preferred account. Our Privacy Statement at explains the other ways we may collect, use, and share your personal information, how to access your personal information and correct it when it's wrong, how to make a privacy related complaint and how we deal with it. Sometimes we update our Privacy Statement, and you can always find the most up to date version online or you can obtain a copy by calling 13 17 19 anytime or visiting a branch.