Easy Instalments Purchase Plans

Spread the cost of up to five eligible purchases over four manageable monthly instalments. And the best bit? It’s all at 0% p.a.

How it works

1. Make a purchase

Any eligible purchase between $100 and $10,000 will work. 1 Cash advances, gambling transactions, balance transfers, purchases on a promotional offer and purchases made more than 30 days prior aren’t eligible.

2. Set up your plan

Go to 'More' in the bottom menu and tap 'Offers and options' – you can set up a plan if you have an eligible purchase and at least one of your five plans available.

3. Follow the prompts

Set up your plan in five easy steps.

4. Keep up to date

Track your Easy Instalments in the app to see how much you’ve already paid and how much you’ve got left to pay.

Pay off your purchases interest free

Bankwest Easy Instalments Purchase Plans

Easy Instalments Purchase Plans can help you pay off flights, a new couch or fridge, or those unexpected expenses.

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Introducing Easy Instalments purchase plans. Purchase now, pay off later – interest free.

With an Easy Instalments purchase plan, you can spread the cost of up to five eligible purchases over four manageable monthly instalments, at 0% p.a.

Here’s how it works: so, you’d like to buy that new bike? You spend $1,500 on your shiny new ride using your Bankwest credit card.

By setting up Easy Instalments, you can pay off the cost of your bike in four equal monthly interest free repayments.

The good news is, you can also set up a plan for up to four other transactions, like your riding gear.

In the Bankwest App, you can select your purchase and set up your instalment plans.

It's straightforward to set up, and you can also keep track of your plans through the Bankwest App.

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Setting up your plan

1. Get started in the app

Go to ‘More’ > 'Offers and options' to start setting up your Easy Instalments plan.

2. Choose a purchase

Tap on the eligible purchase you’d like to put on a plan.

3. Confirm the details

Name your plan and check the summary before you submit your request.

What to pay each month

When you set up your plan, you’ll still need to meet your current and future monthly minimum payment. Each month when your new statement is issued, we’ll calculate your different repayment options in the app.

To keep your interest free days

You’ll need to pay the following by the payment due date:

  • Your monthly instalment amount (including any instalment amounts that are outstanding)
  • Any closing balance not part of an Easy Instalments plan
  • Any balance that is not a promotional or introductory balance transfer.

To stay on top of your plan

Pay your monthly instalment and your minimum monthly payment by the payment due date – we’ll tell you this amount in the app.

Screenshot of Easy Instalments payment options in the Bankwest App

Make it work for you

House stuff

Got your eye on that new couch? Or maybe your fridge has seen better days. From whitegoods to furniture, feel confident that both you and your budget can be set up more comfortably.

Holiday costs

Book things like flights or accommodation with less interruption to your cashflow, so you can travel lighter with less interest.

Unexpected expenses

We know life happens. If something pops up without warning, you could spread the cost to make it more manageable.

Frequently asked questions

Want to know more?


There’s no obligation to make your monthly instalment payment, but you’ll need to make the minimum monthly payment (plus any "Amount Due Immediately") for your credit card (found on your statement) to avoid a late payment fee. Any instalments that you don't pay by the end of the plan term will revert to your standard purchase rate.

Any repeating or scheduled payments you have won’t change automatically, but you can update them to include your instalments if you want. If you've chosen the full closing balance payment option for your repeating or scheduled payments, you’ll need to update them otherwise the easy instalment plan amount will also be paid off. For further guidance, message us in the Bankwest App.

In the Bankwest App, just tap on your credit card in your 'Accounts' screen, then the ‘Manage’ tab. This will show you the plan repayment options, plus the due dates for your payments. If you want more info about your existing plans on that card, tap 'Track Easy Instalments'.

Remember, you’ll also see your plan details on your monthly statement.

Not all purchases are eligible – things like balance transfers, cash advances, purchases on a current promotional offer, gambling transactions and purchases made more than 30 days prior can’t be put on a plan. Keep in mind, only the full purchase amount can be put on a plan. If you've started paying back your credit card, you'll only be able to choose purchases that are less than your outstanding balance. Remember, your transactions will appear in order from newest to oldest.

If you’ve recently made a purchase, it might still be marked as ‘authorisation only’, so it’s best to check back in once the purchase has been fully processed.

If the purchase you've chosen for your Easy Instalment plan is in your last credit card statement, and you haven't paid the closing balance for that statement, make sure you deduct that Easy Instalment plan amount from your closing balance when paying it off to be able to keep your plan active.

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  1. Cash advances, gambling transactions, balance transfers, purchases on a promotional offer and purchases made more than 30 days prior aren’t eligible.

Lending criteria, fees and charges apply. Terms and conditions apply and are available on request. Available on eligible purchases between $100 and $10,000. Cash advances, gambling transactions, balance transfers, purchases on a promotional offer and purchases made more than 30 days prior aren’t eligible. You won't be able to apply for an Easy Instalments plan if you don't meet our eligibility criteria (e.g. if you've exceeded your limit or if you're in default). When you apply for an Easy Instalments plan, you are requesting an amendment to your allocation of payments in accordance with clause 6. of the Easy Instalments Terms and Conditions. To apply payments in this order may mean that other balances that attract a higher interest rate may be repaid later which may result in you paying higher interest charges.