Easy Instalments Transaction Plans

Spread the cost of a big-ticket purchase into manageable monthly repayments. And the best bit? It’s at a lower interest rate.

How it works

It's simple – buy things you need now and activate an offer to pay them off in a way that works for you.​

Buy a big item

Any eligible purchase between $500 and $10,000 will work.​

Check your offers​

Check the 'Offers' tab in the app – you'll only be able to set up a plan when we've offered you one.​

Set up your plan

Follow the prompts in the app to set up your plan.​

Keep up to date​

Use the app to see how much you've already paid and what's left to pay off.​

Pay off larger purchases at a lower rate

Bankwest Easy Instalments

Easy Instalments Transaction Plans can help you pay off flights, a new couch or fridge, or those unexpected expenses.

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Setting up your plan


Choose your offer

Go to ‘Products & offers’ in the app menu to find your Easy Instalments offer.

Choose a purchase

Tap on the eligible purchase you’d like to put on a plan.

Confirm your details

Name your plan and check the summary before you submit your request.

What to pay each month

When you set up an instalment plan, you'll still need to meet your current and future monthly minimum payment. Each month, we'll calculate your different payment options in the app.

To keep your interest free days

You’ll need to pay your monthly instalment amount (including any that are outstanding), plus any statement balance or balance transfer that’s not on a plan, by the due date.

To stay on top of your plan

Pay your monthly instalment and your minimum monthly payment by the due date.

To avoid a fee

Pay your minimum monthly payment by the due date.

Screenshot of the Easy Instalments payment options in the Bankwest App

Frequently asked questions

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What happens if I miss or can’t make my instalment plan payments?

There’s no obligation to make your monthly Easy Instalments payment, but you’ll need to pay the minimum monthly payment for your credit card (found on your statement) to avoid a late payment fee.


What if I already have repeating payments set up?

Any repeating or scheduled payments you have won’t change. If you want, you can update your payments to include your instalments.


Will a plan affect my interest free days on purchases?

To keep any interest free days on purchases, you’ll need to pay your monthly instalment amount (including any that are outstanding), plus any statement balance or balance transfer amount not on an Easy Instalments plan, by your due date.


Why can’t I see a transaction in my list of eligible transactions?

Not all transactions are eligible – things like balance transfers, cash advances and gambling transactions can’t be put on a plan.

If you’ve recently made a purchase, it might still be marked as ‘authorisation only’, so it’s best to check back in once the transaction has processed.


How will you apply payments to my credit card?

When you apply for an Easy Instalments plan, you’re requesting we apply your credit card payments first towards your monthly instalment amount (including any that are outstanding). This means any other amounts that attract a higher interest rate (like a cash advance and any purchase not on a plan) may be repaid later, which could result in you paying higher interest charges.

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Need help setting up or managing your plan?

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