Track your savings goals in the Bankwest App

Create a goal in our app to track your progress on the go – whether you're working towards a house deposit, holiday or rainy day fund.

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We'll crunch the numbers

Tell us how much you want to save, by when, and we'll work out how much you should regularly add to your savings.

See all your goals in one place

So you know how close you are to meeting your targets.

Check your progress on the go

See how you're tracking 24/7 in the Bankwest App.

How it works

Create your goal

Go to the Goals tab in your Accounts screen. Choose an account and tell us your goal.

Schedule regular payments

If you want, you can set up scheduled transfers to help you stay on track.

Track your progress

Watch your savings grow in the Goals tab.

Frequently asked questions

You can add a goal to most transaction and savings accounts (even offset accounts). When you create your goal, you'll see all your eligible accounts.

You can create one goal for every eligible transaction or savings account you have.

Don't worry – you're not obligated to meet your goal. But we'll let you know how much you need to deposit to catch up.

Yes you can. This will remove your goal, but your account, nickname, balance and any scheduled transfers won't change.

When you achieve your goal, or reach the end of your goal period, you'll still be able to see it in your Goals tab until you delete it.

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Download the Bankwest App today to track and hit your savings goals on the go. 

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