3 supermarket saving strategies to keep more cash in your pocket

If you're finding your supermarket shop total is getting a little out of hand, try adding these banking no-brainers to your trolley to save money on groceries.

1. Plan ahead

Don’t shop without a list

Before you head to the shop, try sitting down and writing a list of everything you need. This will give you time to cover everything so you don’t end up wandering around the shop aimlessly, which will save you money by preventing those spur of the moment trolley additions.

Buy in bulk

Don’t buy super specific items that you can only use for a specific recipe. Substitute for commonly used cheaper goods and buy them in bulk so it works out cheaper. Try and avoid buying single prepared meals, however convenient they might look.

Meal prep

Plan your meals and write a list of the foods you’ll need for the week, so you don’t buy unnecessary groceries. Many people end up eating out or ordering takeaway because they’re too tired to plan and cook a meal at the end of the day. You can get around this by prepping your meals for the week at one time. This may mean cooking and freezing your meals so that all you have to do is heat them up when you get home. A slow cooker can also make it easier to cook for yourself.

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2. Set yourself up for success

Don’t shop hungry

We’ve all been shopping while we’re feeling peckish and ended up slipping some snacks through the register that we usually wouldn’t. A good way to avoid splashing unnecessary cash is not to venture to the shops when you’re hungry, so you don’t let that cloud your judgement.

Choose a smaller shopping cart

Stop your brain from automatically wanting to fill the empty space in your trolley by choosing a smaller one. If you only need to grab a couple of things, switch to a basket or limit yourself to what you can hold.

Make the most of 'click and collect' services​

Try shopping online for your groceries – this will help you to only buy the things you need by avoiding the temptations that lie throughout the physical shop. You might also be able to save your order to make it easier for future orders. Plus, you're saving on fuel, parking or public transport to get there. It's a win-win.

3. Keep your eye out for bargains

You don’t have to be brand loyal

It’s easy to resort to buying the same brand you’ve always bought without thinking too much about it, but it might pay to look around to see if you can save a bit of money by choosing a cheaper brand of the same product.

Wait for the sale

Holding off could pay off – there might be a sale just around the corner on something you’ve been eyeing off. Same goes for basic staples that you can stock up on. It’s a good idea to do your research too – are there other supermarkets close by that have lower prices or cheaper brands of things you already buy? Check out catalogues and websites for other supermarkets to see if there’s anywhere you could save.

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