Gambling support

We're committed to improving the financial wellbeing of our customers, and we recognise that some may require assistance when it comes to controlling their gambling spend – a growing issue faced by our community.

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Specialist support

If you’re a Bankwest customer, our specialist Financial Assist team can provide confidential support when it comes to:

  • Assisting with immediate banking needs
  • Providing financial hardship assistance
  • Discussing your financial wellbeing and control tools
  • Blocking gambling and cash transactions on your credit cards
  • Blocking online gambling on your debit cards
  • Connecting you to additional support services.

Chat to our specially trained Financial Assist team between 6am and 6pm AWST, Monday to Friday, on 1300 769 173. Any information you share will remain confidential – we’ll clarify what kind of help you need and explain your options.

Gambling and cash blocks

We've introduced the option to elect a 30-day block to your profile, which will apply to:

Credit card

Gambling transactions
Including TAB, online gambling sites and lottery tickets (unless it’s a newsagency)

Cash equivalents
Such as money transfers or travellers cheques

Transferred funds
From ATMs, online banking, over-the-phone or in branch

Cash advances
Cash-equivalent transactions and gambling transactions that require authorisation

Debit card

Gambling transactions
Including TAB, online gambling sites and lottery tickets (unless it’s a newsagency)

Keep in mind that we can’t block any ATM or cash withdrawals for debit card, nor can we block transactions that don’t require authorisation.

If you elect to apply this block, you’ll receive email confirmation and your card – including additional card holders – will be blocked immediately for online/phone banking; 24 hours after digital card activation, at point of sale at merchant and ATM transactions.

Removing the block

You can ask us to remove a gambling and cash block after the agreed upon set time. There’s a 48-hour cooling-off period required to turn it off, following which we’ll need a second confirmation from you. The block will remain on your card until we receive the second request to remove it.

Additional gambling support

Call the Gambling Help Online support service on 1800 858 858. It’s free, confidential and available 24/7.

You can also visit the Gambling Help Online website to chat live with a professional counsellor or locate a local support service.

If English isn’t your first language you can call the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) on 131 450 and ask them to contact Gambling Help Online on 1800 858 858 on your behalf free of charge.

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