Manage your money, your way​

Want less fussing with your finances? You might want to try this ‘bucketing’ thing, where you have different accounts for the things you regularly spend on and stuff you’re saving for. That way you can easily keep an eye on your money.

Getting started

Bucketing 101​

Start by working out where your money goes each month. There will be common themes – like bills, savings and fun stuff. These will be your buckets.​

Crunch the numbers

Decide how much of your income goes into each bucket, each payday. Let our budget planner do the maths for you.

Start with one

Our Easy Transaction Accounts has no monthly maintenance fees, and you can open up to 10 – great for bucketing. Other fees may apply.

Download the app

Once you’re a customer, you can set up your buckets and track it all within the Bankwest App.

Bucketing in the app

Three simple steps to become a budgeting champion.

Create your buckets

Tap the ‘+’ in the top right-hand corner to open your new accounts.

Give them nicknames

Go to the ‘Manage’ tab of each account to change their names.

Shuffle their order

Keep an eye on your most important accounts. Hold them down and drag to the top.

See how it’s done

How to bucket your money in the Bankwest App

Read the video transcript

Make the most of your buckets

Smash your goals

Use the app to set up goals – tell us how much you want to save, by when, and we’ll work out how much you should add to each bucket.
See how it works.

Make it automatic

To stay on track and avoid splurge-spending after payday, you can schedule automatic transfers into your buckets.

Order debit cards

To manage your spending across your buckets, you can order different colour debit cards to avoid confusion when you go to pay.

Make it work for you

No matter where you’re at in life, bucketing can help you manage your money with ease.

Don’t have an account with us yet?

You need at least one account to use the Bankwest App and start bucketing. Take a look at our...

Want to bucket your money while saving on home loan interest?

With an eligible Bankwest home loan, you can open up to nine offset transaction accounts to help you manage your money while reducing your home loan interest. It’s a win-win – and you can track it all in our app.

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