Bucket your money to manage your spend

Manage your money and start smashing some financial goals by bucketing your salary into different accounts – all in the Bankwest App.

How to bucket your money

Keep track of what you want to spend and save by regularly splitting your money into separate bank accounts that act as virtual buckets.

Choose your buckets

Your buckets are used to divide your money into categories like groceries, treats, holidays or bills.

Crunch the numbers

Calculate how much you’ll put into each bucket each pay day.

Start with one

Open up to 10 Easy Transaction Accounts to create up to 10 buckets. Plus, there’s no monthly maintenance fee. Other fees may apply.

Let's show you how it's done

See how you can start bucketing in the Bankwest App.

How to bucket your money in the Bankwest App

Video Transcript (PDF)

Start bucketing in the Bankwest App

Once you've opened an account...

In the app

Hit the '+' in the top right-hand corner to open extra accounts that you can use as buckets.

Give the buckets nicknames

Head to the ‘Manage’ tab of your accounts to give them a name that makes sense to you.

Shuffle your account order

Is a holiday or new computer your priority? Hold down that account, then drag and drop to move it to the top.

Now that you’ve got your buckets sorted…

You can set some goals and track them with the Bankwest App. This is great if you’re working towards something - like a holiday or new computer.

Get started with an account


  • If you’re already a Bankwest customer, hit the ‘+’ in the top right-hand corner of our app to open extra accounts
  • If you’re a new customer, start by opening a Bankwest account online, then download the Bankwest App on your compatible phone.

Things you should know

Consider the PDS from Bankwest and whether the product is right for you. You can have up to 10 Easy Transaction Accounts per person. Other fees may apply.

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