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Looking to save on monthly account and ATM fees? Or be rewarded for your spending? Choose a bank account to suit you.

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All our bank accounts come with these great benefits

Digital cards

From paying with Apple Pay or Google Pay™ to having your card details at your fingertips, you can use your digital card without needing the plastic one on you.

Payment ring

Order your Bankwest Halo payment ring – it works just like your contactless card. Just fist-bump the terminal and go.

Instant card lock

Temporarily lock your card 24/7 in online banking or the app. Otherwise, you can give us a call.

Handy banking tools

Manage your money online

Secure and convenient, you can bank from the comfort of your home.

Plan your budget

Get on top of your expenses and see what's left over at the end of the month.

How to apply

What information you’ll need to have handy.

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