Serving legal notices

How do I serve legal notices and documents on the Commonwealth Bank Group, including Bankwest?

In accordance with Section 109X of the Corporations Act 2001, please serve all statutory notices and legal documents (such as subpoenas, writs, garnishee orders and notices to produce) on the Commonwealth Bank Group, including Bankwest, by mailing or hand delivering them to our registered office, addressed to:

The Proper Officer
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Commonwealth Bank Place South, Level 1
11 Harbour Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Service of Notices will not be accepted via fax or email.

Conduct money for subpoenas

The Commonwealth Bank Group (including Bankwest) has a preference for conduct money to be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer.​

To pay conduct money by Electronic Funds Transfer please use the following account and transaction description:​

Account BSB: 062-379​
Account number: 10036390​
Transaction description: Court proceeding number or LEA reference numbers​

Please ensure that you provide a payment confirmation receipt when serving a subpoena on the Commonwealth Bank Group (including Bankwest).​

By accepting a payment of conduct money by Electronic Funds Transfer, the Commonwealth Bank Group (including Bankwest) reserves its rights to request or apply for additional amounts which may be incurred with respect to:​

  1. witness expenses in complying with a subpoena; and/or​
  2. costs for the retrieval, review and collation of documents and records which may be responsive to a subpoena.