Disputing transactions

We’re here to help if you see any transactions you don’t recognise.

How it works

Something not looking right? Here's what to do next.

Before you raise a dispute

The Bankwest App will have detailed info available (like the description, contact details and location of the merchant), which could help you get to the bottom of who really charged you. Find out how. ? Keep in mind that you won't be able to see any extra info for transactions that are ‘authorisation only’ – you'll need to wait until they're fully processed.

If you don’t use the app, you can search ABN lookup for business trading names.

There could also be other things that may explain a transaction you don't recognise, or you can resolve directly with the business. See what to check for on your transactions.

If you're still investigating, you can temporarily lock your card using the app.

If it's a fraudulent transaction, call us straight away.

Dispute the transaction

If the transaction was authorised, you can start a transaction dispute.

If you're overseas call us on 13 17 19 or +61 8 9449 2840.

Unauthorised transactions

If you're disputing an unauthorised transaction, message us in the Bankwest App or online banking and we'll raise the transaction dispute and organise a card replacement for you.

We'll take it from there

Once the transaction is fully processed, we can start looking into it. We might need some more documents from you – we’ll keep you updated via post.

See more about what to expect.

Checking your transactions

Possible causes

If you think a transaction is fraudulent, call us straight away. It's also a good idea to temporarily lock your card in the meantime.

However, sometimes transactions you don't recognise can be explained if:

  • The purchase was made by an additional cardholder
  • The transaction was converted from a foreign currency to AUD
  • The transaction is a direct debit (like a membership or subscription) or an app download
  • The business is trading under a different name.

Having issues with a purchase?

It may be helpful to check with the business who charged you to see if you can find a resolution, as this may resolve your query or can help us address your dispute faster when asking for supporting documentation. Some examples of when they'll be best placed to help include when:

  • The issue is to do with refunds or exchanges for returns
  • You've got membership or subscription questions
  • The product or service is defective or unsatisfactory
  • You think you've been charged more than once
  • You cancelled a regular payment but were still charged
  • There are differences in the charges on your receipt and statement
  • You didn’t receive your products or services, or a credit that was promised.

If they can't help, get in touch with us.

Still don't recognise the transaction(s)?

Start a transaction dispute

  • Keep in mind, only the primary cardholder can submit a dispute for credit cards
  • If you're unsure about the transaction type, or need a hand getting started with the dispute process, give us a call
  • For authorised transactions, you can either call us or use our Transaction Dispute Form – just print out, complete and sign the form before sending it to us via the below methods. Remember, the form can't be signed digitally
  • If you're unable to print out the form, give us a call.

PO Box E237
Perth WA 6841

Fax: 1300 765 515

Bankmail: log in to Bankwest Online Banking, go to 'message centre' then click 'Bankmail'

Email: cards@bankwest.com.au 1

What to expect

How we'll help

  • If the transaction was unauthorised, we'll cancel your card and send you a new one
  • We’ll start our investigation. We might need more information or supporting documentation along the way, and ask for hard copies of receipts, or correspondence from the merchant. We'll send you a letter with this information if needed
  • Mastercard® have their own procedures and timeframes for resolving disputes, and we’ll need to follow their processes. This means an investigation can take up to 45 calendar days while we chat with the business’ bank to resolve the dispute.

Next steps

  • While you’re waiting for your new card to arrive (if the transaction was unauthorised) in the mail, you'll be able to see your new card details in the app. This means you'll be able to rearrange direct debits and make purchases online. Check out our digital cards guide for more info
  • To make purchases in store without having to wait for the physical card to arrive, you'll also be able to link your new card to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. See more about our ways to pay.

Getting an outcome

  • Once we've investigated, we’ll send you a letter to confirm the outcome of the investigation
  • If your dispute is successful, your money should be back in your account within 10 business days. If the account your dispute is raised from is closed, we'll ask for different account details
  • Keep in mind – it may take a little longer (up to 45 calendar days) when disputing multiple transactions or for more complex cases where we need to do further investigation.

Frequently asked questions

We'll keep you updated via post. Keep in mind that updates may be slowed down due to postal delays.

Once we've sent out your new card, you should receive it in within 10 business days. In the meantime, make sure you update any direct debits or regular payments with your new card details. You can view your card details in the Bankwest App – visit the digital cards guide for more info.

Basically, it means that payment’s still processing (or that the merchant’s holding the funds for a deposit). When you buy something using the credit or PayPass® option on your card, the funds are reserved in your account as ‘authorisation only’. The merchant (where you made the purchase) then submits a claim for the funds. Once this has been received and processed, the merchant’s name will appear next to the transaction in your account and on your statement.

If your transaction is 'authorisation only', it should be fully processed in 3-5 business days.

An authorised transaction is a transaction on a debit or credit card that was authorised and carried out by a cardholder (you or a joint cardholder). These transactions may be disputed if the goods or services were either partly received, never received, damaged or defective, or wasn't as described.

Unauthorised transactions are transactions on a credit or debit card that you or another cardholder didn't authorise or carry out.

Any obligation to pay an amount for the disputed transaction, or interest and other charges related to the disputed transaction, is suspended until the disputed transaction is resolved.

If the disputed transaction is resolved in your favour, the disputed transaction is not repayable by you and interest will not be payable on the disputed amount.

If the disputed transaction is not resolved in your favour (ie if the transaction was authorised), the disputed transaction is repayable and the usual rules for calculating interest will apply to that transaction.

While the disputed transaction is still being resolved, you should continue to pay at least the minimum monthly payment.

We know lots of things have been cancelled or changed due to Coronavirus, and we understand this can be frustrating.

  • If you haven't already, try contacting the business for a refund or a credit to use later
  • For guidance on refund or credit for cancellations related to COVID-19, you could seek independent advice on other rights you might have under consumer law.

For more guidance, please visit the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website.

1. Take note of the key details, like the type of ATM (Bankwest or other) and ATM location (street/suburb)

2. Keep all your receipts from the ATM

3. Call us or visit your nearest branch

If you used a Bankwest ATM and card, we'll start an investigation to understand the details of the ATM transaction and let you know the outcome within 21 to 45 calendar days of you contacting us.

If you used your Bankwest card at another provider’s ATM, we’ll contact the provider to investigate the details of the transaction. We’ll need to wait for the other bank to confirm the results of their investigation before we’re able to let you know the result. These are normally resolved quickly and within 21 to 45 calendar days. We’ll send you a letter if it’s likely to take longer.

If the transaction was at a Bankwest ATM using another bank’s card, you’ll need to contact the other bank to resolve the issue.

Something not looking right?

Give us a call – we're here 24/7.

  1. If you choose to email a copy of any documentation to us, you do so at your own risk. As emails are an unsecured means of communication, there is a risk your email could be viewed by others if it is intercepted or sent to an incorrect address, and Bankwest assumes no responsibility for this. If you have any concerns about emailing information to us please provide it by other means.

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