Disputing transactions

Find out what to do if you see any transactions you don't recognise.

Here’s what to do first

Check your transactions carefully

You can easily rule out transactions you don’t recognise by checking if:

  • The purchase was made by an additional cardholder
  • The transaction was converted from a foreign currency to AUD
  • The transaction is a direct debit (like a membership or subscription) or an app download 
  • The business is trading under a different name.

For approved transactions, you can check the business’ trading name, address, website, phone number and map location (if available) from our app. From your account’s transaction listing, simply choose the transaction you’d like to see more details for.

If you don’t use our app, you can search ABN lookup for other business trading names.

If you think a transaction is fraudulent, call us straight away.

You can also temporarily lock your card or linked payment device in Bankwest Online Banking or our app.

Contact the business

Only the business can resolve:

  • refunds or exchanges for returns
  • membership or subscription questions
  • issues with defective or unsatisfactory products or services.

It's also best to contact them first if you:

  • think you've been charged more than once
  • cancelled a regular payment but were still charged
  • see differences in the charges on your receipt and statement
  • don’t receive your products or services, or a credit that was promised.

If they can't help, call us as soon as you can about the transaction you’re disputing.

Transactions during COVID-19

We know 2020 has seen many things cancelled due to COVID-19. We understand this can be frustrating.

  • If you haven’t already, try contacting the business for a refund or credit to use later​
  • You could seek independent advice on other rights you might have under consumer law​
  • For more guidance, please visit the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website.

If you need to dispute a transaction (related to COVID-19 or not), we encourage you to try contacting the business first, and if that doesn’t work, please contact us.

Contact us to dispute a transaction

If you want to dispute a transaction, call us on 13 17 19, or +61 8 9449 2840 if you're overseas. You can also message us in Bankwest Online Banking or our app.

We'll ask you to fill out the following form – you can send it in using Bankmail, bring it to a branch or post it to us.

We’ll start the investigation as soon as the transaction is fully processed (if it says 'Authorisation only', it's still pending). We may need some supporting documents from you - keep receipts, bank statements and the business’ contact details to help us with our investigation.

How we’ll help

  • We'll cancel your card (and any linked payment device) and send you a new one to prevent further loss. You can choose to see your new card details in the Bankwest App before you get your physical card, so you can rearrange direct debits and make purchases online
  • We’ll start our investigation – we might need to contact you to get more information about the transactions in question. We’ll confirm the outcome of the investigation by letter or email
  • Mastercard® and Visa have their own procedures and timeframes for resolving disputes, and we’ll need to follow their processes under Credit Card scheme rules. This means an investigation can take up to 45 days while we chat with the business’ bank to resolve the dispute(s)
  • If your dispute is successful, your money should be back in your account within three business days - it may take a little longer when disputing multiple transactions or for more complex cases where we need to do further investigation. If the account your dispute is raised from is closed, we'll ask for different account details.

Disputing a credit card transaction?

Make sure you keep paying at least the minimum monthly payment on your statements. If you usually pay the closing balance each month, keep doing this to avoid interest - your closing balance will include the disputed amount.

Need more help?

You can message us in the Bankwest App or online banking, or call us - we're here 24/7.