Upcoming changes to cheque books

Commencing 20 March 2024, cheque books will no longer be available to Bankwest customers. If you still have an active cheque book after this date, it can still be used.

Last updated: 8 December 2023

Why we're making this change

With safer and more effective digital payment methods available, many customers have made the choice to move away from cheque usage. Bankwest and the wider industry are making changes to reflect this.

Who will be impacted

Customers who hold the following account types with a cheque book facility will be impacted by this change:

  • Retirement Advantage Account
  • Easy Transaction Account
  • Offset Transaction Account
  • Qantas Transaction Account
  • Staff Complete Account
  • Lite Transaction Account
  • Hero Transaction Account
  • Equity Line
  • Equity Access
  • Complete Equity Access

Frequently Asked Questions

At this stage Bankwest hasn't put a time limit on the use of existing cheque books, if a limit is applicable in future, we will provide you with updated communications. Once all cheques in your existing book(s) have been issued, no new cheque books will be provided.

Yes, you can continue to deposit cheques into your/other accounts. Note: Foreign cheques have not been accepted since 31 March 2023.

If your business account is still with Bankwest, this change will not impact your account. Note: Bankwest is no longer offering new business products. Check out our announcement for more details.

After 20 March 2024 we will no longer issue cheque books. However, a hold can be added to any cheque, or cheque book, that is lost or stolen. Cheque cancellations can be completed via self-service.

You can still request a bank cheque from a Bankwest branch – subject to identification requirements.

There are a variety of digital payment methods available via the app and online banking. Check out our payments help page to learn more about your options.