Sharing your Bankwest data

Open Banking lets you share your Bankwest data safely with accredited organisations and providers. Here's how.

Who can share data and what accounts are available?

To be eligible for data sharing, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have access to the Bankwest App or online banking.

If you’re eligible, you can now share some of your customer details, account information and transaction history for these Bankwest accounts: 1

  • Credit cards
  • Deposit and transaction accounts
  • Offset accounts
  • Home loans and personal loans
  • Overdrafts
  • Lines of credit.

How it works in the Bankwest App and online banking

If you're an individual customer or sole trader, provide your consent on the website or app of the accredited organisation or provider you want to share your Bankwest data with first. You’ll then be taken securely to Bankwest so you can easily set up data sharing. Here’s a snapshot of the steps:

1. Enter the mobile number you’ve registered and we’ll send you a One Time Password.

2. Go to your notifications in the Bankwest App or online banking and enter the password. If you don’t receive it, call 13 17 19.

Bankwest App screens showing steps 1 and 2

3. Choose the accounts you’d like to share. If a joint account is enabled for data sharing, you’ll be able to select it, otherwise you’ll need to enable it first.

4. Review the details and confirm you'd like to share. We’ll take you securely back to the accredited organisation you started on.

Bankwest App screens showing steps 3 and 4

Open Banking: How to set up and stop data sharing

To learn more about data sharing, see our Consumer Data Right policy (PDF).

This video is for illustrative purposes only.

How to set up data sharing

Part 1 – Accredited organisation

Start the data sharing process via the accredited organisation’s website or app.

Follow their steps to get started.

Select Bankwest to share data from and select which data you want to share.

Confirm the data sharing request.

You will then be re-directed to Bankwest.

Part 2 – Bankwest

Enter your mobile number.

You will be sent a One Time Password from Bankwest.

Open the Bankwest App to see notifications and tap to view your One Time Password.

Enter your One Time Password.

Select the customer profile you want to share data from.

Select the accounts you want to share.

Review your data sharing details and click ‘share data’.

Confirm your consent to share data.

You will then be re-directed back to the accredited organisation.

Data sharing is now successfully set up and you will receive a notification from Bankwest.

How to stop data sharing

You can stop data sharing any time through Bankwest or by contacting the accredited organisation.

To withdraw your consent via Bankwest:

  1. Choose ‘Manage data sharing’ from the Bankwest Online Banking or Bankwest App menu
  2. Select the accredited data organisation
  3. Choose ‘Stop sharing’.

Need help? Call us on 13 17 19.

Setting up data sharing delegates

You can allow eligible delegates to share your Bankwest data with accredited organisations (without further approval). Here’s how:

  1. Log in to online banking or the Bankwest App and find 'Manage data sharing' from the menu, then select 'Sharing preferences' under 'Data sharing delegates'
  2. Choose from the list of eligible delegates
  3. Choose the accounts you'd like your data sharing delegates to be able to share.

You can stop your delegates from sharing data for your account or update their permissions anytime – simply go to 'Manage data sharing delegates' and choose 'Edit'.

Eligible data sharing delegates

​A data sharing delegate must:

  • Be at least 18 years old, with access to the Bankwest App or online banking
  • Be an additional cardholder or have online access to your account.

Enabling a joint account for data sharing

Joint accounts are already set up for data sharing and you won’t need approval from other account holders to share with accredited organisations and providers (unless you or any other account holder disabled your account for data sharing).

You can change your data sharing preferences or stop sharing at any time. If you choose to disable your account, you and all other account holders will need to approve and re-enable it for data sharing.

To enable data sharing:

  1. Log in to online banking and find 'Manage data sharing' from the menu, then select 'Sharing preferences' under 'Joint accounts'. Choose the joint account you want to share and choose 'Enable sharing'
  2. We’ll send your other joint account holder a message asking them to approve or decline your request
  3. If they approve, your joint account will be enabled and you can select it from the list of accounts eligible for data sharing.

View or manage data sharing

You can view details or stop sharing any time.

Simply log in to the Bankwest App or online banking and go to 'Manage data sharing’.

Need access to your data sharing records?

To request your data sharing records under the Consumer Data Right, call us on 13 17 19 or visit a branch.

Your privacy and security

Accredited organisations and providers

Organisations accredited by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission can collect and use your data with your consent. You can also consent to share your Bankwest data with providers who will collect it from an accredited organisation. Accredited organisations must adhere to high security standards.

Secure authentication

We’ll never ask you to share your Personal Access Number (PAN) and password with a third party. Doing so breaches our T&Cs and you may not receive the benefit of our protection from unauthorised transactions.

Protected privacy

Data that leaves Bankwest is no longer managed by us. See the accredited organisation’s Consumer Data Right Policy for details on how they manage your data. To learn more about how we handle your data, see our Privacy Statement.

Upcoming data sharing capabilities

We're working on making the following updates:

  • Bankwest will allow account holders to stop all sharing arrangements set up by a data sharing delegate with a particular accredited organisation at once. Currently customers can only stop sharing arrangements set up by a delegate individually. We expect this to be resolved sometime in 2024 and will provide further updates on this page.
  • Bankwest has delivered new metrics relating to our authorisations and transactions per second, in accordance with version four of Get Metrics. We’re now making improvements to ensure only the most up-to-date data is being shared with ACCC. We expect this to be resolved sometime in 2024 and will provide further updates on this page.

To learn more, check the 'Commonwealth Bank' section of the CDR rectification schedule.

Need more help?

You can message us in the Bankwest App or online banking, submit an enquiry via our website, or call us – we’re here 24/7.

If you’d like to learn more about Open Banking, you can visit the Consumer Data Right website.

  1. Within these categories, only some accounts will be available for data sharing – for example, not all credit card accounts are eligible. You’ll be able to see all your eligible accounts while you’re setting up data sharing.