Our product APIs

Are you a developer? Use our APIs to access Bankwest product data.

About Bankwest product APIs

Our product APIs:

  • Are publicly available, so no authentication is required
  • Contain data about Bankwest products that consumers could review on product comparison websites
  • Include products required to be disclosed by the Consumer Data Right
  • Can be requested with an 'HTTP Get request' to the applicable product API endpoint using all the mandatory parameters defined in the API specifications at the links below. The response format will be in accordance with the Consumer Data Standards.

Accessing our APIs

Product API

Retrieve features, rates and fees for Bankwest transaction accounts, savings accounts, term deposits, credit cards, personal loans and home loans.

API URL: https://open-api.bankwest.com.au/bwpublic/cds-au/v1/banking/products

View product API Consumer Data Standards

Product details API

See detailed information on a Bankwest product that’s currently disclosed.

API URL: https://open-api.bankwest.com.au/bwpublic/cds-au/v1/banking/products/{productId}

View product details API Consumer Data Standards

Consumer API

To access consumer APIs, you'll need to be accredited by the ACCC and get the customer's consent.

What's available

You can access product data APIs for:

  • Credit cards
  • Deposit accounts
  • Transaction accounts
  • Home loans
  • Personal loans
  • Offset accounts
  • Overdrafts
  • Complex business products.