How do I apply for a credit card?

From choosing the right card for you to starting your application, find out everything you need to do and what you can expect.

Check your eligibility

Before you apply for a credit card, keep in mind that you need to be...

  • 18 years of age or older
  • an Australian permanent resident.

Get familiar with online applications

Here’s what to expect if you apply online.

Online form

Allow at least 15 minutes to fill out our application form from wherever you are.

Quick response

We'll let you know your next steps as soon as you've submitted your application.

Provide more info

To process your application, we might need other info from you, like ID and proof of income. Find out what ID you need.

Receive your card

Once your application’s approved, you should receive your card within 10 days – you can set up your digital card in the meantime.

Choose a credit card for you

Ready to apply? Check out our range of credit cards and choose the right one for you.

Apply the way that suits you

If you haven’t banked with us before, you’ll need to have some ID. Find out what you’ll need.

Frequently asked questions

We’re here to help


I already have a credit card at another bank. Can I transfer my balance?

You can make a request for us to transfer your credit card balance from another financial institution to Bankwest when you apply for your credit card – it's called a balance transfer. Your balance will move across when you activate your new card. Terms and conditions apply. Learn more.​


What proof of income do I need from my employer?

If you earn PAYG income not paid into a Bankwest account you’ll need to provide two of your most recent consecutive payslips.


What proof of income do I need if I’m self-employed or have another form of income?

Do you own your own business or subcontract (self-employed)?​

We’ll need to see two of your most recent Notices of Assessment from the Australian Taxation Office showing your earnings for these financial years. We may also need copies of your taxation and financial reports from your accountant. These must be from within 18 months of the application submission date.​

​If you receive income from a...​

Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)​

You’ll need to supply the most recent SMSF member benefit statement and a letter from your financial planner or accountant. The letter needs to confirm you’re receiving payments from the fund and show your balance, minimum payment amount, tax and tax free components, and ‘pension’ status.​

retail or industry superannuation fund​

You’ll need the most recent statement of your super balance, including evidence of regular and ongoing payments. Where the payment amounts are not shown, we’ll also need three months’ statements showing the credits to your bank account.​


You’ll need your most recent pension statement showing current payments.​

rental property​

You’ll need a current, signed rental tenancy agreement or three months of rental income credits to your bank account. You can also bring a rental statement from your managing agent from the past two months, or your two most recent tax returns where the property is already held.​


Can I add an additional cardholder?​

Yes. You can either do it when you apply, or once you have the credit card, both you and the person who will be the additional cardholder will need to fill out, sign and return to us the Additional Cardholder(s) Request Form (PDF).​


I need to verify my ID but I don’t live near a branch. Is there anywhere else I can go?

It might be more convenient to use your local Australia Post office to verify your identity. You’ll just need to fill out an Identity Verification Form (PDF) and have the relevant documents handy. You can find a participating Australia Post store on the Australia post website.